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DECOMED HP-X Knee joint

DECOMED HP-X Knee joint implant of cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy HIGHEST-PERFORMANCE AND COST-EFFICIENCY SWISSCUT DECOMED HP-X cutting oils were developed according to the strictest criteria for use in medical technology. This universally applicable highperformance cutting oil is ideal for stainless and high-alloy steels, as well as titanium, non-ferrous metals and aluminium. The HSC technology developed by MOTOREX also enables optimized cutting data for all materials, resulting in shorter cycle times. Endoscopy component made of titanium Grade 5 Titanium dental implant UP TO 33% MORE PERFORMANCE Compare: Processing of medical steel DIN 1.4109 33% I SWISSCUT DECOMED HP-X I Standard cutting oil 0 5 10 15 20 Number of pieces Field of application I Drilling and threading I Deep hole drilling I Reaming I Turning and milling I Hobbing Industries I Aviation I Automotive industry I Medical technology NO CYTOTOXIC EFFECT ACCORDING TO ISO-10993-5 When using cutting oils for the manufacture of implants in the medical sector, good physiological compatibility is a central point. SWISSCUT DECOMED HP-X is not cytotoxic according to ISO- 10993-5, (this rigorous test determines the viability of body cells through the processing medium). Cutting oils are classified as noncytotoxic if the viability of the body cells is over 70%. SWISSCUT DECOMED HP-X has a very good value of over 80%. Hip joint made of titanium Grade 5 Rotary container for laboratory centrifuge made of stainless steel/aluminium alloy 5 I MOTOREX SWISSCUT DECOLINE



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