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SWISSCUT DECOLINE HIGHEST PERFORMANCE MOTOREX CUTTING OILS FOR PERFECT SURFACE FINISHES AND ACCURACY Collective intelligence as a model for success Bees are not only industrious, but also intelligent. They combine their abilities to perform several tasks simultaneously in a targeted and highly efficient manner. Mirroring this principle, MOTOREX uses collective intelligence in the new SWISSCUT DECOLINE. The new SWISSCUT DECOLINE products are free of chlorine, zinc and other undesirable ingredients. The SWISSCUT DECOLINE products contain high quality base oils that are combined with state of the art additives. The result is excellent compatibility for workers, materials and machines. This allows ideal conditions for difficult machining of critical aluminium alloys, titanium, stainless, high-alloy steels as well as non-ferrous metals. Al Ti Cu CuZnx FOR BEST PERFORMANCE Ni Fe I Outstanding performance I Low consumption I Highly effective corrosion protection I Highest operational reliability due to high flash point and low misting I Excellent long term process stability I Outstanding compatibility for operators and machines I Top marks in medical technology for easy validation I Highly resistant to ageing I Reduced production costs FOR MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITY MILLING DRILLING PREMIUM QUALITY With the right product from the SWISSCUT DECOLINE range, cycle times can be significantly reduced and evaporation losses are reduced by up to 60%. Take advantage of this potential for optimisation in your company! Relative evaporation loss in % TURNING I SWISSCUT DECOMED HP-X (GrIII + base oil) I SWISSCUT DECO AP (GrIII + base oil) I Standard cutting oil (GrI base oil) DEEP-HOLE DRILLING REAMING 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 2 I MOTOREX SWISSCUT DECOLINE GEAR CUTTING THREAD CUTTING ROLLER BURNISHING



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