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SWISSCOOL 8000 FOR MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITY AND PROCESS RELIABILITY WITH LOW OPERATING COSTS Up to 30% better performance In conventional water miscible cutting fluids, each additive has its own separate function. In our new polymertechnology, the additives work together as a team. This yields performance improvements of up to 30% compared to traditional cutting fluids. Optimum process reliability The new polymer-based emulsifier not only makes it possible to combine oil and water, but also boosts lubrication performance. It additionally ensures machining process reliability with preparation water hardness from 5°dH to 30°dH. Highly effective corrosion protection for a wide spectrum of applications The new polymer-technology in SWISSCOOL 8000 protects both machine and workpiece against corrosion and permits smooth cutting of critical aluminum alloys, titanium, high-alloy steels and non-ferrous metals. Cu Zr Ti CuZnx Fe Ni Al Low consumption SWISSCOOL 8000‘s new polymertechnology has excellent flushing properties, keeping the machine very clean and reducing consumption to a minimum. Excellent biostability The complex structure of the new polymer-technology hinders nutrient intake by bacteria, thereby naturally inhibiting their growth. WWW.MOTOREX.COM Conforms to current regulations The innovative formula is free of chlorine, boric acid and formaldehyde depot substances. This makes it very gentle and ensures excellent compatibility with people, materials and machines.



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