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SPINDLELINE FOR A PRODUCTIVE LIFE The intensive research and development work carried out by MOTOREX is reflected in the comprehensive spindle products on offer. At least 10% of the investment into a machine tool is needed for the spindle itself. Increasingly powerful spindle systems make up the heart of the latest machining centres. If the spindle rotates at a speed between 10 000 and > 45 000 rpm, the spindle bearing and cooling system are pushed to the limit. MOTOREX works closely with renowned spindle manufacturers around the world. They prescribe the use of various MOTOREX spindle products and in doing so guarantee users the highest level of quality. MAXIMUM PROCESS SECURITY TRIED & TESTED PREMIUM QUALITY BEST PERFORMANCE Nature shows us the way! Hummingbirds are energy-efficient, can fly accurately at high speeds and can cover long distances easily: I Can fly 800 km after consuming only 2 g of nectar I Generate 200 wing beats per second I Can reach a top speed of 95 kph MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITY I Efficient heat dissipation I Highly effective corrosion protection I Excellent biostability I Excellent compatibility with human and machines 2 I MOTOREX SPINDLELINE

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