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MOTOREX Racing Report 2014 EN

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Photo:© S. Taglioni

Photo:© S. Taglioni MOTOREX RACING LAB The MOTOREX Racing Lab is responsible for the development and provision of all fluid requirements of the major racing teams that MOTOREX supports. Over recent years the MOTOREX Racing Lab has established itself as one of the most respected centres of expertise when it comes to special developments for racing teams. These special Racing Line formulations in attractive premium packaging, combined with our passion for racing sport, create a completely new dimension for “High performance racing products”. 2

EDITORIAL DEAR MOTOR RACING FRIENDS Another racing season is drawing to a close, and once again it has been a “typical MOTOREX motorsports year“. You might even say that 2014 was a lot better than expected. Not all championships are over yet, but one thing is already certain: 2014 will go down in history as one of the most successful years in motor racing for MOTOREX. We will have actively contributed to ten world championship titles and won a number of runner-up positions and various national titles with our partners. These include several quite unusual achievements. For example, we supported the winner of the Women‘s World Triathlon Championship, Gwen Joergensen-Lemieux, and she used MOTOREX Bikeline products for the care and maintenance of her bicycles on all continents with the help of our importers. Together with KTM we won the two most important motocross world championship titles as well as finishing as runner-up in the MX2. Tony Cairoli took his eighth World Championship title, while Jordi Tixier was able to prevail against Jeffrey Herlings due to his impressive consistency and lack of injury. Ken Roczen and Ryan Dungey were highly successful in the supercross and motocross season in the USA. Roczen‘s crowning glory was to win the AMA motocross title in the big class – a huge achievement for the young German! Enduro racing is one of the core areas of expertise for MOTOREX. With KTM we clinched two world championships, with Christophe Nambotin and the young Australian Matthew Phillips winning the rider‘s title. KTM also won the constructor‘s title in these two classes, as in the Motocross World Championship. But there were surprises in the area of enduro racing, too. The Junior and Youth World Championship titles went to Team Costa Ligure Beta Boano Racing, which is supported by our Italian importer, while Danny McCanney and Davide Soreca won the rider‘s titles on Beta and Yamaha motorcycles. Life is certainly full of surprises: our privately funded partners also successfully carried MOTOREX green across the finishing line when up against the factory teams. Our teams put in a superb effort in road racing, too. Tom Lüthi tenaciously fought his way through the season and even achieved two victories in the last races. Led by the Red Bull KTM Ajo Moto3 Team with future MotoGP rookie Jack Miller, the Moto3 Teams have worked hard throughout the season – winning the Vice Champion Title at the end. Superbike at World Championship level has seen some initial success. MOTOREX‘s successful involvement is rounded off with solid results in the American championship, the British BSB and the German IDM with Yoshimura Suzuki, GB Moto Kawasaki and HRP Holzhauer Honda. But where are we heading now? Will 2015 be another‚ typical MOTOREX motorsports year? We can certainly expect some key changes: Ken Roczen is leaving KTM, Tom Lüthi will be changing teams and there are new riders joining Red Bull Ajo KTM. We will also witness a superb battle between Tony Cairoli and Ryan Villoporto in the Motocross World Championship, the MXGP class, in 2015. The two best riders in the world will be competing against one another on KTM and Kawasaki. And the good thing is: they both use MOTOREX oil. So we can already look forward to an exciting new season. Yours sincerely Ronald Kabella 3



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