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MOTOREX MAGAZINE 6 TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION DON'T GET CAUGHT OUT IN THE COLD! MOTOREX MAGAZINE 7 Text: Klaus Larock Whenever temperatures fall below minus seven degrees Celsius for the first time, evildoers like condensation and paraffin precipitation in diesel fuel and heating oil demand their annual tribute. In response to high energy prices, many people fill their tanks before winter sets in and prices go up. As a result, summer diesel or a mixture with reduced cold resistance may slumber unnoticed in company storage tanks. If no one remembers until it's too late, the entire fleet may end up stranded. So specialists recommend always applying the right additive before it's too late. Applying an additive to fuel after the fact enhances certain properties that, depending on its composition, already exist in the fuel. Whether for special operating conditions, cleaning, system and cold protection, or storage, MOTOREX has best-selling, state-of-the-art winter fuel additives. WINTER PROOF Winter additive for diesel fuel and heating oil. Improves filterability (CFPP) and significantly lowers the pour point. Prevents early wax crystal formation, ensuring that the diesel system remains functional and protected even in low temperatures. Add to fuel at temperatures above +5 ° C. Not suitable for bio-diesel. EURO 6 compliant. DIESEL IMPROVER Cleans and protects the entire fuel system and enhances anti-corrosion. The additive increases the fuel's lubricating performance. It incorporates a cetane booster to improve ignition and cold starting. Through better combustion, DIESEL IMPROVER prevents formation of deposits and problems such as coking over short distances that can result. EURO 6 compliant. SYSTEM GUARD Fuel additive for gas and diesel engines with a gentle cleaning effect for the entire injection system. SYS- TEM GUARD enhances anti-corrosion, binds water, and is suitable for fuel systems with or without a catalytic converter. Many OEMs prescribe periodically adding a water-binding additive as part of the maintenance schedule. EURO 6 compliant. FUEL STABILIZER This fuel anti-oxidation additive helps stabilize fuel during lengthy storage periods (over the winter season), binds water, and protects the system against rust and corrosion. Prevents paint-like deposits in the fuel system. Suitable for gasoline and diesel systems. Effective for periods of up to six months. EURO 6 compliant. “MY SNOWCAT AND I ARE WINTER-PROOF!” GO TO INFO

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