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MOTOREX MAGAZINE 38 AROUND THE WORLD INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION ON TOUR Photos: AROUND THE WORLD 180 000 KM FOR A VISIT TO LANGENTHAL Photos: Nelson Marroquin MOTOREX MAGAZINE 39 What could be finer than a motorcycle tour through the Swiss Alps? A motorcycle tour combined with a visit to MOTOREX! Industry association WVIB (Wirtschaftsverband Schwarzwald AG) recently made it a reality. Entrepreneurs from the Black Forest region started off on a 3-day tour from Freiburg im Breisgau. Their first destination was MOTOREX in Langenthal. MOTOREX CEO Edi Fischer took the opportunity to lead the visitors on a tour of the factory. Afterwards the guests were treated to a practical presentation of the latest developments at MOTOREX. The next day the journey continued toward the Alps to some legendary alpine passes, including the Furka and the Grimsel. GO FOR A TOUR Write to us: VISIT US MOTOREX is always happy to welcome to Langenthal any groups from associations, trade schools, customers, or anyone who wants to get to know MOTOREX better. Nelson Marroquin has been riding motorcycles since age five. The Salvadoran inherited the passion from his father. It is no coincidence that someone carrying this DNA became MOTOREX distributor for El Salvador. Together with Anabella (his bike!), Nelson has achieved a lifelong dream: a trip around the world by motorcycle. Starting in El Salvador on his Multistrada he covered 180 000 kilometers through a total of 25 countries, performing his own repairs and maintenance along the way. Each time, Nelson was impressed by the ready availability of MOTO LINE lubricants throughout the entire journey. In Brazil Nelson and Anabella took a flight to Spain before setting out on the final stage of their journey. Besides Anabella, Nelson was accompanied by his favorite traveling companion of all, his wife MariaRenee (photo bottom right). Their destination was a visit to MOTOREX headquarters, where the bike will be on display until summer 2024. Bienvenido a Suiza! Alaska El Salvador Argentina Brazil Spain Langenthal AROUND THE WORLD MOTOREX MAKES THE HORSES GALLOP GO TO MOVIE PLWsx7JURcWO7xsrjen7eidt3fduAVXEwL Ferrari is known worldwide for excellence in engine design and motor sports. Emil Frey Racing will be driving not one but two Ferrari 296 GT3s this season in the famous GT World Challenge Europe, Sprint and DTM. The drivers behind the wheel regularly bring home trophies for the Swiss team – with help from MOTOREX as lubrication expert. With lubri cation from MOTOREX, the 296 GT3's brand new 120-degree V6 turbo engine effortlessly turns over at 7,000 rpm. Its 2992 cc displacement yields some 600 hp, plenty for a strong showing in any race. The typical Emil Frey blue sets this racer apart from its brethren from Maranello. Flugtechnik, deft, Flug- Rotating a machine rau, trooper’s rau, Flugwesen Flug- skilful ergeben steady element uneben walk Schiffsrippe port Ukrainian rippe Nachfülltantank eines eines Füllers frz.: stone frz.: April picture April a slowmoving person Connects parts in the engine abbr.: Walliser estimated Rotwein time of departure strike, whack Hochge- Automobile birge in in Reise- abbr.: Driven ein perspiration Texas Zentralweg ein Stadt Stadt in inbirge Association pistons by weg (the) Kanton asien asien Kauf- Kaufmannssprache: heute 1 to make money ugs.: ugs.: Atem Atem an image abbr.: Knight abbr.: Bürde fein fein abbr.: per near regnen airborne Ärmel- 9 annumaufschlag 7 4 customary a song abbr.: practice das das Un- Un- Ball Ball mit mit to buy for eight infinity sterb- liche (Tennis) 22 voices Unter- PC schnitt and sell 44 11 message liche Ver- Ver- zu zu hoher kleines Kultautauto der der Kult- offspring, technical abbr.: Ort Ort einstelliggegen Gemisch progeny knockout einkehrs- Benzin- inactive stockun- anteil im im 50er-Jahre in in der der Bezeichnung Ajoie Ajoie Zahl Zahl 10 a large sister, Teil Teil a der body der insect church Gepflo- living Hand politic egg abbr.: Office genheit in a 11 11 of Fair Trad. 6 monastery Schweizer abbr.: a Kaba- European engl.: small rettist Gesetz 3 (Vorname) Union insect 11 griech. remove US- Cleans US- Berg Berg der der immediately the (the) air Vorsilbe: Längeneinheit Bernina- (before cargo gruppe zehn zehn combustion) 2 (Piz ...) owed (engl.) (Piz ...) 77 ® ® Spitzname Abk.: Abk.: ital.: a book‘s ital.: e. e. ehem. respectablninic Fuel Fuel Electro- drei name drei frz. frz. Auto- 55modells 5 33 Injection svd1310-35 see1310-35 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 66 5 5 6 6 99 wirklich Krach machen 7 7 88 8 8 9 9 10 10 11 11 8 10 10 Send your answer to by February 29, 2024. WITH A BIT OF LUCK YOU MAY WIN ONE OF FIVE MOTOREX WINTER KITS. HAVE FUN SOLVING THE PUZZLE! The solution to the previous puzzle in MOTOREX Magazine 125 was: ECOSYNT HEPR The winners were: · Lena Zimmermann, Bottmingen · Melanie Schmuki, Eschenbach · Stefan Stillhart, Wattwil · Reto Zeltner, Matzendorf · Daniel Estermann, Hildisrieden

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