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MOTOREX MAGAZINE 30 1 2 3 3. Lubrication: The MOTOREX product range has the right lubricant for Just lube the chain real quick … Motorcycle chains tend to be lubricated “real quick” just before a ride – often leaving too little time for the chain lubricant to penetrate and air dry so it will adhere properly. Ideally the chain should be lubricated after use. Before winter or after intensive use, it is also best to clean the chain before lubricating it. Here's how: 1. Cleaning: Good chain care starts with proper cleaning. For that, clean your chain with CHAIN CLEAN DEGREASER SPRAY after the ride. It's best to wrap the chain in an absorbent cotton rag, then point the chain cleaner's powerful stream down onto it from above. Remove residue from the chain bit by bit in the direction of rotation. 2. Inspection: Once the chain is clean, visually inspect it and lift it from the sprocket to check for excess play (wear). every chain. By lubricating and reducing friction, it protects against wear 4 5 6 1 2 and corrosion. After cleaning, spray CHAINLUBE onto an unobstructed portion of the chain (not onto the sprocket). Apply amply to the entire width of the chain between the outer and inner bushings. Allow chain spray to penetrate. Wipe off excess chain spray with a soft cotton cloth. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 31 GO TO PRODUCT moto-line-chainlube GO TO MOVIE 0EQKI6Q4YYU In general, always be sure to follow workplace health and safety rules and recycle properly. PRACTICE MOTOREX PRACTICE TIPS Text: Klaus Larock GET ADVICE Good advice is worth its weight in gold, not to mention time and nerves. Over the years, MOTOREX has gathered countless helpful tips and tricks from the world of lubrication and care, contributed by pros and amateurs alike. With the aim of ensuring that work, sports, and hobbies all run like well-oiled machines, we are pleased to share them here. Do you have questions, or maybe a clever solution of your own? Just use the link above to contact our Technical Customer Service. For safety: good visibility Windshield and wipers are exposed to wind and weather liter- 4 5 ally 365 days a year. UV radiation, acid rain with pH values between 4.2 and 4.8, and mechanical factors such as grit particles can cause the sensitive rubber lips of wiper blades to become brittle over time. In winter, a mix of salt, snow, and ice can make things still worse. Unnoticed clogging of the delicate lip structure on the wiper blade may leave it unable to flex sufficiently in both directions. The result: dangerous smearing and poor visibility. TIP Clean wiper blades manually with a clean, soft cotton rag, ideally soaked in wiper fluid concentrate. MOTOREX WIPE & CLEAN wiper fluids are ready to use in every season and are available as concentrates. They are gentle on materials, readily biodegradable, and highly economical. Successfully tested for fan nozzles as well as polycarbonate headlight covers. GO TO PRODUCT car-glasscleaner GO TO MOVIE mBbSgjzhwOo

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