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MOTOREX MAGAZINE 22 Stefan Huber, (Rally Team Technical Director), with KTM since 2000 “The KTM rally team comprises some 40 people. We see Dakar as the most important rally of all. We just give it everything we've got.” Also protects against desert sand: CHAINLUBE ADVENTURE chain spray. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 23 Even with a high degree of automation, deft hands are always in demand. Designed to perform: the fully synthetic MOTOREX CROSS POWER 2T for high-revving 2-stroke engines. A PEEK BEHIND THE SCENES AT KTM INSIDE KTM KTM's powerful and sturdy one-cylinder engines are legendary. 2003 Richard Sainct wins the first Dakar Rally for and with MOTOREX in January 2003. Two decades ago, the two companies agreed that neither was willing to settle for second place. There could be no better foundation for building something great together. But a damn-the-torpedoes approach seldom ends well in motorcycle racing. The only way to achieve ambitious goals is through a long-term strategic approach. Triumphal start: Dakar Rally 2003 No other race in the world can look back at such an extraordinary history as the Dakar Rally. Its past is filled with spectacular stories from the world's most remote regions. Fabrizio Meoni's first win in 2001 was the fulfillment of a vision for KTM. Likewise, the launch of the MOTOREX × KTM partnership in 2003 could not have been more successful. The triple victory of Richard Sainct, Cyril Despres, and Fabrizio Meoni provided incontrovertible proof of KTM's dominance in the world's most grueling rally. To date KTM has collected a total of 19 Dakar triumphs, 17 of them with MOTOREX. This year Kevin Benavides and Toby Price scored a double coup to win the 45th Dakar in Saudi Arabia. At the end of the last of 14 stages of a race lasting 44 hours, the two KTM riders found themselves in first and second place, just 12 seconds apart! 2023 A modern approach to safety includes navigation devices and a tracking system

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