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MOTOREX MAGAZINE 18 Major maintenance and overhaul projects are always carried out as a team. Here the work is being done from a convenient maintenance gondola. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 19 “EVERYONE'S SAFETY HAS TOP PRIORITY IN MY WORK.” Denise Wey, general mechanic with Federal Proficiency Certificate; fascinated by technical infrastructure in the mountain landscape, loves to eat specialties of Grisons Canton such as capuns, enjoys skiing and riding mountain bikes and motorcycles; dreams of traveling with her partner to Norway or New Zealand Lunch from the backpack During the winter season, one member of the maintenance team is assigned to each facility on a rotating basis. “That way we can be sure that someone is there right away in the event of a malfunction.” On peak days there may be several thousand winter sport enthusiasts on the slopes. Our motto then is 'always prepared' and we have to act promptly and expertly.” If a hanger on a t-bar lift gets caught at an exposed spot, for example, Denise skis right to the location to assist the guest and readjust the equipment. And there are always lubrication points under heavy loads to be regreased. A grease gun and heavy-duty grease such as MOTOREX FETT 2000 are standard equipment. Often there's little time left for lunch, which almost always comes from a backpack to keep things simple, but still tastes good. Natural spectacles included Denise has always considered it a privilege to work in this fascinating mountain landscape. “Every day is different, if only because of the seasons. The intense winter season is followed by spring and the first overhaul jobs. Next comes the summer season with a completely different kind of tourism and transport needs. The technical circumstances on the lines are different in every season – that impacts a lot of different things. I also appreciate the shift toward more sustainable solutions for technical applications. A good example is readily biodegradable CABLE PROTECT cable lubricant from MOTOREX. Humanity should do more to apply its knowledge and skill for environmentally friendly solutions.” It's an opinion that Denise doesn't just assert at work. And when the day's work is done, Denise's efforts are often rewarded on the journey back down with an unforgettable natural spectacle: “Sunsets in winter are out of this world!” Indispensible cable care There is no lack of lubrication points on the Lenzerheide cableways. Many of them are lubricated and sealed for life. The lubrication points that require maintenance are listed on a lubrication schedule for each facility. Lubrication schedules, incidentally, are a service provided by MOTOREX to make work easier and prevent costly lubrication outages. On all cableways, steel ropes are particularly exposed to high mechanical and weather-related loads. Cableway cables can be kilometers long and weigh several tonnes. Regular regreasing with CABLE PROTECT is essential to keep them operating reliably. Regularly relubricated cables show markedly lower signs of wear, and their quieter functioning is key to a more pleasant ride for passengers. A heavy-duty cable with compacted braiding for longer life GO TO PRODUCT

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