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MOTOREX MAGAZINE 10 One valued partner for field testing of lubricants and operating fluids for the timber industry is forestry company Ehrenbolger + Suter AG in Fulenbach, Canton Solothurn, Switzerland. Over many years of collaboration, countless findings and nuggets of industry-specific knowledge from these forestry pros have been incorporated into a wide range of lubricant solutions. Harvester chain lubrication Harvester saws place far heavier demands on chain oil than do hand-operated chainsaws. This is because the chain rotates twice as fast (at up to 200 kph) as that of a handheld saw, and cutting capacity is high. Since the cutting operation is automated, large mechanical forces also act on the blade and cutting elements at high frequencies, generating large amounts of heat. With BIOGUARD PROFESSIONAL, MOTOREX has developed a chainsaw oil explicitly designed for the exacting demands of mechanical timber harvesting. Its special additive formula allows it to adhere to the chain at all temperatures. It is not flung away from the sprocket at the tip of the blade and even fully lubricates the guide bar groove on the lower edge. BIOGUARD PROFESSIONAL was fine-tuned by varying the recipe and noting details of the cutting elements used and values measured (consumption, wear, downtime of chain and blade, cross section, filterability, etc.) in field tests. BIOGUARD PROFESSIONAL's formula based on renewable raw materials and ready biodegradability (OECD 301 B) makes it ideal for total-loss chain lubrication. Long-term experience in demand In forestry equipment, complex hydraulic systems under high pressures (up to 350 bar) perform strenuous tasks for hours at a time. The hydraulic oil transmits tonnes of force at all times, even in extreme cold and heat. For years readily biodegradable (OECD 301 B) ECOSYNT HEES (Hydraulic Environmental Ester Synthetic, non-water-soluble) hydraulic oil has been an exemplary success story. But how does hydraulic oil behave over extended use, after fine filtration, or after lengthy downtimes? These are aspects that MOTOREX painstakingly investigates through long-term testing with regular lubricant analyses from work sites with different climates. Few if any other MOTOREX products combine as much know-how as ECOSYNT HEES, which with proper handling lasts three to five times as long as mineral hydraulic oils. This makes it easy on the bank account as well as on the environment and resources. Wear values were regularly measured on cutting elements during development of the new saw chain oil. In field trials, new recipes are tested to their limits on clearly defined aspects. Heinz Suter, co-owner, Ehrenbolger + Suter AG, Fulenbach, Switzerland “Innovation is vital for the future of our industry.” For equipment with two-stroke engines it makes sense to use ASPEN 2T alkylate fuel. Happy ending: With field testing complete, the equipment can be filled with the finished BIOGUARD PROFESSIONAL chainsaw oil. ASPEN 2T: new recipe for testing “Testing new recipes is always exciting,” says Heinz Suter with authority. Power saws are irreplaceable in forestry. Reducing pollutants in workers' surroundings and low-wear operation are important concerns for hand-operated devices. ASPEN 2T and 4T special-purpose gasoline for two-stroke and four-stroke engines is free of lead, benzene, aromatic substances, sulfur, etc. A test recipe for the further optimization of ASPEN 2T is currently being tested for its performance in Switzerland. For two-stroke work equipment such as chainsaws, the focus is on reducing pollutants, keeping the engine clean, protecting against wear, and other factors. Power saws used in tests are subsequently disassembled and inspected for residue formation and wear. On the safe side Whether in Sweden at –4 ° C during mechanical timber harvesting, in motorcycle racing at 230 kph in the United States, at 4:20 a.m. in a snowcat in Tyrol, or on a long truck journey on Autoroute A50 near Marseille – wherever lubricants have an effect on function, people are working. They are pursuing goals and doing valuable work for our society. And in every situation, they can depend on “tried & tested” solutions from MOTOREX. GO TO MOVIE MOTOREX MAGAZINE 11

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