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MOTOREX MAGAZINE 30 SURVEY JOIN IN AND WIN Photo: © HOW DO YOU LIKE MOTOREX MAGAZINE? Let us know – 3 powerful 2022 Apple iPad Airs are waiting for the winners. TO THE SURVEY: MOTOREX Magazine WIN ME 3× device Lkw Lkw opposite abbr.: to mit mit Haupt- abbr.: Teil Teil engl. Vorgebirge, Renn- Vertie- Diagokehrs- Vor- neuseel. längl. Tennis: Ver- Ver- Verzeichnis Nord- (Lord knockout ...) ...) Landfahremobile Ver- to a auto- reduce Schüttvorstadt in in of movie Nether- take on January eines Dichter rural nalball hinder- nis speed richtung fung, afrika Gedichts † 1824 † spitze (Chris) † † lands Fuge (engl.) nis rock star a Gleich- article and racing farewell gewicht female enthusiast grossly Staat in in first (Chris) overweight 99 Afrika 9 name 22 to Vorort black infrequent cause Grund- von von Bern Bern Förderer gold trouble modell Trauben- 5 55 ernte rapid abbr.: abbr.: Baron chilling development Wasserrose kilogram device rose 10 10 rebellion 767 natürlichmanen Benzin- Ostger- alliance; a large Wagen- Teil Teil der der liche bestand- teil lat.: lat.: combination farm bespan- West- Erdab- 2 tragung teil nung karpaten zwischen 8 the state gloomy, still, of easy dismal Luftver- still, leise! a grandmother mutual running schmut- Gemeinde a market mark in the am harmony passport 4 3 am 3 zung Zugersee Gruppe eh. eh. dt. dt. Berg Berg bei bei Fell abbr.: Fell der der von von Abgastest frz.: frz.: north- ital.: ital.: Bergün: Bären- a poison Rätseltest Osten 1 northeast sechs Piz Piz ... ... robbe lösern (Abk.) (engl.) 11 3 number of abbr.: to the Ruhe- abbr.: soccer iridium inside of pause Alabama players Genfer part Bewohner e. e. likes Bischof ner of the being (Franz soloth. von engine von ...) ...) 10 Stadt alone ® ® 11 Kindersprache: ungezogen epoch abbr.: neutral 44 11 11 work of ... 66 Bett Bett 7 88 svd1310-34 see1310-34 Send your answer to by June 1, 2023. WITH A BIT OF LUCK YOU CAN WIN ONE OF FIVE MOTOREX SPRING KITS. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 31 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 9 10 10 11 11 Apple iPad Air 2022 AROUND THE WORLD HEAVENLY SNAPSHOT FROM CHINA Photo: © Dong Su, Peking If you think this is a photomontage, you're wrong. This snapshot, or more precisely this nutcracker shot, was taken by Dong Su at the entrance to the Zhai Gong in the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. In old China the Emperor was considered the Son of Heaven. The Temple of Heaven was built between 1406 and 1420. Nearly 500 years later, the Temple was opened to the public as a park in 1918. Dong Su is a professional photographer and artist certified by the Institute for Planets. He lay in ambush with the camera for over three hours waiting for the shy squirrel to take a bite. Congratulations to Beijing! # Movies Updates FOLLOW US News ON SOCIAL MEDIA #raceproven Events Likes Know-how Technology Sports Community



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