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MOTOREX MAGAZINE 26 Frictional force, cylinder assembly* High MOTOREX MAGAZINE 27 N Low SAE 10W/40 5W/40 5W/30 0W/30 5W/20 0W/20 0W/8 Year 1980 1990 2000 2005 2010 2016 2023 Significantly lower friction with a high-lubricity SAE 0W/8 viscosity motor oil in a test engine. * Simplified depiction of drag in a 3-cylinder gasoline engine Where do you see further potential for 0W high-lubricity engine oils? Othmar Frey: They're generally more sustainable. To begin with, the 0W cold viscosity means the oil pump faces less resistance in forcing the lubricant through the filter and oil lines to the bearings. Because of downsizing, modern engines have fewer moving parts. They are also built with great precision, and the piston assembly often has a friction-reducing coating. As a result these engines have very low oil consumption. And what doesn't get burned in turn reduces emissions and operating costs. What about optimizing friction in the drive train? Othmar Frey: The EU's goal of reducing CO 2 emissions a further 30 % by 2030 presents an enormous challenge for vehicle manufacturers. Together with low-viscosity motor oils, frictionoptimized transmission and axle lubricants also contribute significantly. Here again, it's not eitheror but both-and. What challenges do you see for lubricant technology in the future? Othmar Frey: High-lubricity lubricants are becoming the new standard. That’s why MOTOREX, with its CONCEPT T-XL SAE 0W/16 and other products, has established itself as a firm favorite for the low-friction engines of Asian hybrid-vehicle manufacturers. The market launch of this motor oil in SAE 0W/8 viscosity shows the direction things are headed in the future. Monotherm ® diesel engine piston from Mahle: reducing friction loss and weight while improving thermodynamics yields total fuel savings of approximately 3 % in the NEDC*. *NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) Revs up in a flash with recordsetting fuel mileage. High-lubricity motor oils are the key to success both in racing and on the road. CONCEPT T-XL The super-high-lubricity engine oils in the CONCEPT family are low-viscosity, high-tech formulas for automotive gasoline and diesel engines, combining benefits such as fuel efficiency, reduced emissions and extended oil change intervals (LongLife). What role awaits MOTOREX in the future ? Othmar Frey: “As a solutions provider, MOTOREX will continue to follow developments on the market. Synthetic fuels will present further challenges for future lubricants. We at MOTOREX will ensure that these products serve their purpose in a way that's efficient, long-lasting, and conserves resources.” Othmar Frey, head of the MOTOREX Technical Customer Service unit GO TO INFO



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