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MOTOREX MAGAZINE 22 2003 Juha Salminen's first World Cup title The success factors for winning in motor sports are numerous and varied. The performance and dependability of the machine are just as important as the athlete's abilities. Juha Salminen won his first world championship 20 years ago on a KTM with MOTOREX. #RACEPROVEN FORMULA FOR SUCCESS Text: Jonty Edmunds, photos: KTM At the Enduro World Championship, the motto is “Teamwork makes the dream work.” A bit of a cliché, perhaps, but there's much more to success than just the rider's skill. goes well,” says Juha. “But to make it there you need a good support team and a perfectly prepared machine with products that ensure dependable performance. I was lucky enough to win many titles in my career. But it was only during my time at KTM when smaller, more powerful four-stroke bikes were coming onto the scene that I realized how important quality lubricants are. The partnership between KTM and MOTOREX was a stroke of luck, and the many titles were my way of saying thanks.” #raceproven “The KTM-MOTOREX partnership was a stroke of luck, the many titles my way of saying thanks." THE SUCCESS STORY CONTINUES What started in 2003 is entering a new phase: future collaboration between MOTOREX and KTM will encompass all racing activities with the exception of MotoGP. All factory or factory-supported KTM teams in the Moto2 and Moto3 world championships, in the top Motocross and Supercross classes and in enduro/ offroad competitions trust in high-performance lubricants from MOTOREX — recognized as #raceproven products. KTM and MOTOREX engineers will also continue to successfully combine their strengths. With all stock KTM machines factory-filled with MOTOREX products, the collaboration stands for top performance and maximum reliability around the globe. “In the crucible of the motorcycling world, KTM and MOTOREX work incredibly well together – the many years and titles speak for themselves.” Pit Beirer, KTM Motor Sports Director 2023 OEM collaboration extended MOTOREX MAGAZINE 23 World Cup title crowns new partnership If anyone knows how to win, it's 13-time FIM Enduro World Champion Juha Salminen (born 1976 in Finland). Although he has long since retired from elite competition, the cool Finn still holds a special place in the annals of MOTOREX. It was exactly 20 years ago that he won the first Enduro World Cup title under the aegis of the newly formed partnership between motorcycle manufacturer KTM and MOTOREX. Offroad against the clock The sport of enduro is a sort of rally race on two wheels in which men and women traverse a rugged landscape while riding against the clock. It is definitely not a sport for those with a nervous disposition. In races lasting from three hours to six days, in rocky terrain, over tree trunks, through mud and other extreme obstacles, Juha knows well that arriving at the finish line, to say nothing of winning the race, takes more than just hard work. “As a racer you can get to the podium if everything Juha Salminen – trial legend Juha Salminen won the World Cup title in the 500cc enduro class in 2003. MOTOREX makes all the difference As a professional enduro rider, Juha could perceive a distinct difference after switching to MOTOREX. The responsiveness and power delivery of the engine, the smooth engagement of the clutch, the precision in shifting and the load change performance of the chain – in the saddle of his KTM, few things went unnoticed by the sensitive Finn. The impressive 118 joint World Cup titles and the continuation of their successful collaboration are proof that the Austrian-Swiss success formula works. INTERVIEW WITH PIT BEIRER KTM Motor Sports Director Pit Beirer (middle), Edi Fischer (MOTOREX CEO, l.) and Ronald Kabella (Director of Power Sports, MOTOREX, r.) seal the extension of the exciting collaboration.



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