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MOTOREX Magazine 2023 125 EN

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MOTOREX MAGAZINE Nº 125 SPRING 2023 EDITORIAL MORE THAN JUST DIGITAL SUSTAINABLE PERFORMANCE 08 BIODEGRADABLE HYDRAULIC OILS 14 SPOTLIGHTS 04 News from MOTOREX TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION 06 Online Shop – customer platform 24 Future-proof high-lubricity lubricants 28 MOTOREX Fluid Management SUSTAINABLE PERFORMANCE 08 Biodegradable hydraulic oils 20 For the best part of the grain – FOOD LINE CHALLENGE THE LIMITS 14 Up and away: pushing the limits in Chile #RACEPROVEN 22 The success formula: MOTOREX × KTM AROUND THE WORLD 30 Infotainment, puzzle, survey 24 CHALLENGE THE LIMITS UP AND AWAY: PUSHING THE LIMITS IN CHILE TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION “LOW FRICTION IS THE NEW STANDARD. ” In digital terms, the world is certainly turning somewhat faster. However, the extent to which different industries “surf” on the digitalization wave varies. Both providers and customers can take advantage of completely new possibilities that go far beyond the traditional website or a social media presence. The impact of digitalization on production, logistics and sales processes is much greater. As a global provider of performance fluids in various industries, MOTOREX also has to adapt to changing customer needs. Digitalization plays an important role here, but we take special care to ensure it isn’t at the expense of customer proximity, advice and service. This is entirely the thinking behind the new MOTOREX customer platform, which is intended as an additional service for our customers and not as a substitute for personal advice. At MOTOREX we rely consistently on team performance – including in the “man and machine” constellation. Thanks to digital progress, we can now serve you faster and better than we could a few years ago. However, technical support and customized advice are still key. Moving with the times doesn’t automatically mean distancing ourselves from what is tried and tested. Healthy, sustainable development is often the result of an evolution rather than a revolution. And we have brought the same respect to bear in revamping our long-running MOTOREX Magazine. Be inspired and take part in the survey on page 30 so that we can continue to evolve in line with you – in both digital and analog terms. Yours sincerely, Lynn Balsiger Business Development & Marketing Member of the Executive Committee Impressum Editor: MOTOREX AG Bern-Zürich-Strasse 31 CH-4901 Langenthal Tel. +41 62 919 75 75 Fax +41 62 919 75 95 Customer service by phone. Advice and problem solving also in German, French and Italian Overall responsibility for content: Lynn Balsiger, David Bucher Language versions: Published in German, English, French and Swedish. Total print run: 60,000 copies Concept, editing and art direction: Aeschlimann, Advertising Concepts and PR GmbH, Gümligen Translation: BMP Translations AG, Basel Cover photo: Ojos del Salado, Moto Center Schwyz Graphics and prepress: Burki Scherer AG, Oftringen Printing: Merkur Druck AG, Langenthal. Text contributions may be used when source is indicated. MOTOREX ® and all employed product names are internationally protected trade marks. No responsibility is accepted for printing errors or changes in the technical data.



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