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WHAT’S NEW REQUIREMENTS 360° 360° SAFE AT WORK DOCUMENTATION SAFETY AT WORK OSH OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH PRODUCTS INFRASTRUCTURE PACKAGING The term “occupational safety and health” (OSH) covers a wide range of issues. This article takes a 360° view of how MOTOREX is benefiting users with its products and services. REQUIREMENTS HEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK 360° SAFETY FOR PROS STRICT REQUIREMENTS GIVE RISE « TO INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS. « Health and safety in the workplace as well as for users is a top priority in MOTOREX’s corporate strategy. Above and beyond legal requirements, we are continually blazing new trails. Measures such as cutting back on solvents and substituting undesirable substances in products, sparing use of packaging materials, systems for contactless fluid management and continual upgrading of the available range of information and services are all significant contributions to safe working. MOTOREX products are part of a wide range of work processes. With innovative solutions that far exceed standard expectations, MOTOREX is actively committed to protecting health and safety in the workplace for everyone. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT “The only constant is change” – and so all of MOTOREX’s activities are designed to meet customer needs, technical requirements, and regulatory requirements. For example, we find substitutes for certain ingredients in formulas early on, before the law requires it. If we see an opportunity to replace fossil raw materials with renewables, we seize it. But workplace health and safety measures are only effective if consumers also take personal responsibility. 6 MOTOREX MAGAZINE 124 I SEPTEMBER 2022 7

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