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BOX In 1st place for

BOX In 1st place for cleanliness and neatness: the international Facility Management team. THE TEAM FOR BRILLIANT RESULTS “Prljavo,” “sporco,” “valkani,” “sucio,” “kirli,” “koszos” are all words for “dirty” in different languages. Whenever things get that way at MOTOREX, Facility Management is on the scene. Equipped with vacuum cleaners, buckets, and dust cloths, each evening the cleaning team takes control of 5,000 square meters of office space. Although the diligent cleaners come from seven different countries – Bosnia, Italy, Macedonia, Paraguay, Turkey, Hungary, and Switzerland – the result is never a biblical confusion of tongues. They’re not busy building a Tower of Babel but making the space spic and span. The cleaning women are all congenial characters: cheerful, assiduous, helpful, and always in a good mood. The noise gives the cleaning team’s location away, the hum of the vacuum cleaner accompanied by lively conversation and infectious laughter. Even if the wastebaskets are full to the rim, once the cleaners have come by there’s room aplenty for the next day’s trash. Chairs are rolled away, crates and boxes moved aside so the vacuum brush can find its way into every nook and cranny. But it’s not all back-breaking work. There’s a place for finesse as well. Desktops collect more than just dust. They’re usually covered with phones, laptops, computer displays, and sundry other clutter. No problem for the nimble women’s hands as they strategically clear the way for dustcloth and feather duster. The work is finished in a cloud of furniture polish. The office smells fresh and looks spotless. This is a fine place to work! “Facile,” or in Latin “facilis,” means “easy,” “simple,” or “effortless.” But work on the Facility Management team is anything but easy and simple. With this article, the employees of MOTOREX-BUCHER GROUP AG all offer their heartfelt thanks to the hardworking cleaners for their daily efforts behind the scenes! • RIANA’S FAVOURITE. BOUTIQUE OTTOREX MINI-BARREL Article No: 450073 MOOH-TOREX Article No: 452371 MODEL TRUCK Article No: Iveco 451320 / Volvo 452248 26 MOTOREX MAGAZINE 124 I SEPTEMBER 2022 Please order these articles exclusively through your importer.



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