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INDUSTRY STAY COOL 24/7 CUSTOMIZED FLUID AUTOMATION MIXING DOSING REFILLING MOTOREX COOLANTLYNX MACHINING FLUID MIXING AND CARE SYSTEM MOTOREX COOLANTLYNX can autonomously operate up to six machining centers at once. It works around the clock, always at full precision, and relieves personnel of conventional fluid measurement and maintenance chores. COOLANTLYNX at a glance: AUTONOMOUS MIXING, DOSING, AND REFILLING OF UP TO 6 MACHINING CENTERS/700 L PER HOUR SUITABLE FOR CENTRALIZED SYSTEMS OF UP TO 70,000 L CAN BE COMBINED WITH MOTOREX FLUIDLYNX TRAMP OIL SEPARATION AND FILTRATION FROM THE MACHINING FLUID The time is ripe for automating onerous routine work. With MOTOREX FLUIDLYNX, intelligent machining fluid management is a reality. FLUIDLYNX continually measures a wide range of parameters and integrates with COOLANTLYNX. All data can also be monitored from mobile devices. A powerful team! MOTOREX FLUIDLYNX ONLINE MEASUREMENT AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Where most conventional systems are based on optical systems for measurements, FLUIDLYNX employs an innovative sensor technology. Unlike optical systems which are subject to soiling/smearing, these “sensory organs” are reliable, fast, and precise. FLUIDLYNX at a glance: MOTOREX FLUIDLYNX MONITORING ONLINE MACHINING FLUID MONITORING MOTOREX FLUIDLYNX anticipates the future of machining and contributes to efficient, safe, and sustainable production processes. The system can display a wide range of key parameters so you can keep tabs on the machining fluid’s condition any time, anywhere: pH CONCENTRATION IN % TEMPERATURE ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY ALERTS MEASUREMENT LOGGING MONITORING STATISTICS MEASUREMENT ANALYSIS COMMUNICATION FULLY AUTOMATED 24/7 MEASUREMENT SYSTEM, WITH MEASUREMENT CYCLES FROM 1–99 MINUTES SUITABLE FOR SINGLE OR CENTRALIZED SYSTEMS FOR 1–6 PROCESSING CENTERS PER FLUIDLYNX (SINGLE 1/MULTI 6) ONLINE MONITORING (CONCENTRATION, TEMPERATURE, PH AND – AS AN OPTION – ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY) Anticipating future developments, MOTOREX FLUIDLYNX helps to make manufacturing processes safer, more efficient and more sustainable. Just ask your MOTOREX representative. • MOTOREX FLUIDLYNX Follow us on LinkedIn MOTOREX INDUSTRY 22 MOTOREX MAGAZINE 124 I SEPTEMBER 2022 23



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