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POWERSPORTS PRACTICE A SPEEDY MOTOGP JUBILEE KTM × MOTOREX 100 MOTOGP RACES MOTOREX and KTM have been collaborating in Grand Prix sports since 2003, debuting in the 125 cc class. Miguel Oliveira of Spain delivered a speedy jubilee in the GP premier class at the race in Silverstone, UK, where he guided his machine across the finish line with the precision of a Swiss watch in the two companies’ 100th joint MotoGP race. BIKE ASSEMBLY PASTES: PERFECT PREVENTION Besides steel, bicycle components are often made of much lighter aluminum or high-tech composites like carbon fiber. To help shop pros assemble these parts properly, MOTOREX has developed ANTI SEIZE and CARBON PASTE assembly pastes. Bike repair professionals know that prevention always pays off, especially when assembling parts like seat posts and clamped or screwed joints. The elements, age, heat, dirt, and various material pairings can cause components to seize. When MOTOREX teams up with KTM, a success story is all but guaranteed. And not only on the racetrack: dium for KTM, taking third place in Valencia in 2018. The 2020 season finally saw KTM take its place among MOTOREX ANTI SEIZE MOTOREX CARBON PASTE The insights gained from racing regularly also find their way into commercial products. MOTOGP ENTRY IN 2016 With MOTOREX at its side, KTM made its first appearance in the premier class in 2016 with a MotoGP wild card slot in Valencia, Spain. In the team’s first full world championship season just a year later in 2017, Pol Espargaró of Spain captured the first top-ten spot for KTM in Brno. The same Spaniard was also the first to mount the po- the true MotoGP greats. In just the third Grand Prix of the year, South Africa’s Brad Binder piloted a factory machine to KTM’s first MotoGP victory, making the then 25-year-old the first rider to snare wins for KTM in the Moto3, Moto2, and premier classes. In 2021 Binder and Miguel Oliveira (photo), who by then had advanced to the factory team, won one MotoGP race apiece. Brad Binder also set a new MotoGP speed record in Mugello on a KTM RC16 at 362.4 kph! In 2022 Oliveira triumphed in Indonesia, bringing the KTM/ MOTOREX premier class scorecard to four Grand Prix wins in over 100 races – so far. • ANTI SEIZE is an assembly paste specially designed for formed metal and aluminum joints. It features the following exceptional benefits: VERSATILE FOR ALL METALLIC JOINTS PREVENTS CONTACT CORROSION SECURES JOINTS EASES DISASSEMBLY OF TIGHT JOINTS TIP When different metal alloys, dirt, and water come into contact with one another, an electric current may result. Under certain circumstances this in turn can cause metal joints (steel + aluminum) to “seize up.” ANTI SEIZE prevents this by acting as an elec- CARBON PASTE is a specially developed paste for assembling carbon and aluminum parts. Eliminating particles in the paste prevents scratching of surfaces and makes it suitable for use in the MOTOREX GREASE GUN. SPECIALLY DEVELOPED FOR CARBON/COMPOSITE MATERIALS PREVENTS CONTACT CORROSION NO SURFACE SCRATCHING EASES DISASSEMBLY OF TIGHT JOINTS PROTECTS FRAGILE CARBON PARTS BY REDUCING TIGHTENING TORQUE TIP Overtightening can damage carbon parts. Special inhibitors in MOTOREX CARBON PASTE reduce friction so that parts can be trical insulator. A special component in the recipe also secures the joint and reduces unwanted loosening of components. fastened less tightly. A thin layer of about 1 mm of the transparent paste is recommended. • Compelling: Miguel Oliveira and MOTOREX on the RED BULL KTM FACTORY RACING team. #motorex_powersports 18 MOTOREX MAGAZINE 124 I SEPTEMBER 2022 19



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