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CONSTRUCTION © This tunnel section milling machine with its hydrostatic saw head and hydraulic saw arm was switched “on the fly” from mineral hydraulic oil to ECOSYNT HEPR 46. When working with various attachments, © © especially with rented equipment, ECOSYNT HEPR 46’s high tolerance for tramp oil makes it a strong choice. MOTOREX ECOSYNT HEPR 46 offers the ideal opportunity to switch to a biodegradable hydraulic oil compliant with the OECD 301 B standard. ECOSYNT HEPR 46 HYDRAULIC OIL SWITCH WITHOUT COMPROMISING In ECOSYNT HEPR 46, MOTOREX combines the alternative of a biodegradable hydraulic oil without compromises with strong commitments to performance and environmental safety. The HEPR formula’s outstanding compatibility with conventional hydraulic oils makes it possible. © ECOSYNT HEPR is the right choice for N.U.P. Umweltpflegetechnik GmbH’s wood chipper thanks to its biodegradability, simplified care, mineral oil compatibility, and steady performance. When using a biodegradable hydraulic fluid, the key display a wide range of beneficial characteristics. THE ADVANTAGES SPEAK FOR HEPR considerations are reduced risk to the environment HEPR fluids combine biodegradability with high per- MOTOREX ECOSYNT HEPR 46 is preferred for its high (bio degradability in accordance with OECD 301 B) on formance and are miscible and compatible with both performance capacity, ease of switching to an environ- the one hand and the performance requirements of hy- mineral and HEES oils. This gives them a high toler- mentally friendly hydraulic oil, top-notch lubricant draulic oil standards such as DIN 51524-3 or DIN 15380 ance against tramp oil contamination, a key feature reliability, and excellent shear stability. The zinc-free HEPR on the other. In ECOSYNT HEPR 46, MOTOREX for users who frequently change attachments while formula also has the following additional features: offers a versatile hydraulic fluid with biodegradability for all hydraulic systems. POWERFUL HEPR FLUIDS HEPR hydraulic oils and related products are composed of synthetic hydrocarbons which, besides good biodegradability of over 60 % according to OECD 301 B, using a quick-switch system on construction machinery. These attachments often operate with mineral hydraulic oils which can mix with the fluid in the system. MOTOREX ECOSYNT HEPR 46 has excellent characteristics for use in construction, forestry, and farm equipment that have previously been operated using a mineral hydraulic oil. READILY BIODEGRADABLE (OECD 301 B) VERY GOOD IN LOW TEMPERATURES VERY GOOD COMPATIBILITY WITH SEALS AND HOSES OUTSTANDING PROTECTION AGAINST OXIDATION AND CORROSION GOOD HYDROLYTIC STABILITY TOLERANT OF TRAMP OIL SUITABLE FOR EXTENDED MAINTENANCE INTERVALS ECOSYNT HEPR 46 14 MOTOREX MAGAZINE 124 I SEPTEMBER 2022 15

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