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360° WHAT’S NEW CONTINUED 360° INFRASTRUCTURE CONTACT-FREE FLUID MANAGEMENT Whether for filling a vehicle engine with oil in the shop, mixing windshield washer fluid to ready-to-use strength, resetting with a water-miscible machining fluid at precisely 8.5 % strength, or quickly and neatly flushing and refilling an automatic transmission, a wide range of oil feed and greasing devices – right up to the automated fluid management system for manufacturing plants – are available for improving safety. These are areas in which MOTOREX has a wealth of experience and will be developing further. ONLINE AND PERSONAL DOCUMENTATION Personal responsibility also enters into the equation when handling products that have GHS labeling (hazard pictograms). MOTOREX puts a great deal of effort into continually improving documentation and support. The latter is available online 24/7 and by telephone during business hours. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETS (MSDS) INFORMATION ON HAZARDOUS GOODS Every MOTOREX product has a Material Safety Data The MOTOREX hazardous materials safety advisor FLUID MANAGEMENT FOR INDUSTRY SAMPLING KIT FOR ANALYSES Sheet (MSDS) in conformity with the EU regulation which provides information on the product and expo- provides support in all internal and external matters related to hazardous goods. Process reliability in production and regulatory compliance (TRGS 611) requires regular measure- In the case of large oil volumes, regular laboratory analysis lengthens the service life of both fluid sure scenarios in a standardized format. These are intended to provide professional users with the data and HSE OFFICER ments. FLUIDLYNX technology measures and the and system. And for laboratory analysis, material and mixture handling recommendations HSE stands for Health, Safety & Environment. The COOLANTLNYX system dispenses, filters, and removes MOTOREX needs properly collected and needed to take the proper precautions to safeguard MOTOREX HSE officer is responsible for planning, im- tramp oil. Consistently stable fluid quality can prevent labeled customer samples. A practical and health and safety in the workplace and protect the en- plementing, overseeing, and improving workplace the buildup of harmful bacteria. This, together with safe sampling kit is available for just this vironment. MOTOREX provides regular training on safety, health, and environmental protection processes the good human biocompatibility of the INDUSTRIAL purpose. MSDSs and undergoes systematic audits on them. in the company. LINE fluids, can greatly improve the quality of the workplace. SUPPLY AND STORAGE DIRECT SUPPORT AUTOMATIC? AUTOMATIC! There are comprehensive regulations and a wide range of solutions for the supply and storage of haz- The MOTOREX Technical Customer Service answers product, safety, and health-related (including emer- The MOTOREX Dynco lubricant flushing and chang- ardous materials. Your MOTOREX contact will gladly gency) questions by phone during office hours. ing machine permits full automation of ATF changes give you advice on this subject. in automatic and dual-clutch transmissions. « MODERN INFRASTRUCTURE PROMOTES SAFE WAYS OF WORKING. « QUESTIONS? THE MATERIAL SAFETY « DATA SHEET HAS INFORMATION. « Every bit counts when it comes to maximizing health and safety at work. For MOTOREX, opportunities for continual improvement and responsible action are the driving force for further big and small innovations into the future. • 10 MOTOREX MAGAZINE 124 I SEPTEMBER 2022 11



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