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HYDRAULICS Conscious of

HYDRAULICS Conscious of its responsibilities when working around water, SAGRAVE SA depends on the benefits of MOTOREX ECOSYNT HEES 46. RESPONSIBILITY AT THE LAKESIDE “On est bien, sur l’eau,” is how Claude Goulet, head of the gravel plant at Le Bouveret (CH), close to where the Rhone flows into Lake Geneva, sums up SAGRAVE SA's activities. Founded in 1910, the family business has ample experience and skill in water-related construction projects. For hydraulic power transmission the company uses readily biodegradable MOTOREX ECOSYNT HEES for an extra measure of safety. The Caterpillar® 345C's scoop plunges doggedly through the water's surface. With its finely tuned hydraulic systems and prodigious lifting and digging power, the heavy hydraulic excavator lifts rock, gravel, and sand by the ton onto its barge, hour after hour. At several locations on Lake Geneva, SAGRAVE SA operates in the following areas: • Extraction, processing, and transport of rocky materials • Construction of ports, embankments, etc. 8

"We can count on the hydraulic system's high reliability in all operating conditions." Claude Goulet (photo right) A MUST NEAR THE WATER Claude Goulet has many years of experience in his domain. For over 15 years he has brought a pronounced respect towards nature to his work at SAGRAVE SA. Wherever the technology permits, the company uses biodegradable lubricants near the water. From his realworld user perspective, Goulet is aware of the years of ongoing development these products have undergone and today considers them "full-fledged alternatives." MOTOREX ECOSYNT HEES 46 MOTOREX ECOSYNT HEES owes its beneficial properties to the use of synthetic saturated ester fluids (HEES = Hydraulic Environmental Ester Synthetic) and a balanced, zinc-free combination of additives. The result is highly reliable lubrication and excellent shear stability at both elevated and very low operating temperatures. ECOSYNT HEES also offers high performance reserves in continuous heavy-duty operation. Further benefits of the green pressure fluid from MOTOREX include: • Readily biodegradable (OECD 301 B) • EAL approved • Designed for long-life use • Wide operating temperature range • Excellent filterability • High shear stability (stay-in-grade) • Very good protection against wear • Outstanding material compatibility (with gaskets, hoses, etc.) MAINTENANCE PAYS OFF Water has a critical impact on hydraulic fluid. Through condensation, unprotected vent openings, or external influences, water can penetrate even into closed systems. As a result, filtration and regular checks via MOTOREX lab analysis are essential. Your hydraulic system will reward conscientious monitoring and maintenance with reliability and a long fluid service life. Just what you need to be in your element while working on the water. • MOTOREX hydraulic fluids MOTOREX MAGAZINE 123 I MAY 2022 9



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