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MOTO LINE THE MOTOREX CLEANER-UPPERS On-road or off, riding a motorcycle always leaves traces. It’s a good thing the constantly improved, readily biodegradable motorcycle cleaner and new care products from the MOTOREX MOTO LINE are around. Gleaming results and unsullied joy in the passion of motorcycling are guaranteed. MOTO CLEAN PLUS EXTREME CLEANING PERFORMANCE FOR STUBBORN DIRT READILY BIODEGRADABLE VOC AND PHOSPHATE FREE MOTO CLEAN PLUS (formerly MOTO CLEAN) is a fast-acting motorcycle cleaner made from biodegradable ingredients. Potent cleaning power yields excellent results after a brief soak. The cleaner can be used pure or diluted with water (1:3). A quality 1-liter spray bottle allows MOTO CLEAN PLUS to be applied sparingly. Its 360° design means it can even be used upside-down. The sturdy and quality spray head can be refilled again from a 5-liter container. NEW PACKAGE 6

MOTO CLEAN UNIVERSAL IDEAL FOR OFFROAD BIKES POWERFUL CLEANING PERFORMANCE GENTLE FORMULA READILY BIODEGRADABLE VOC AND PHOSPHATE FREE The new MOTO CLEAN UNIVERSAL motorcycle cleaner was developed especially for the needs of the offroad community, with extra-penetrating, dirt-dissolving, and detergent ingredients. The new formula and concentration are precisely tuned for offroad motorcycles, which are washed more often than other bikes. Available in a refillable 1-liter handheld spray bottle and in a generous 5-liter container. ALL NEW MOTO SHINE MS1 FOR A HIGH GLOSS FINISH FORMS A PROTECTIVE ANTISTATIC FILM FOR PAINT, CHROME, PLASTICS, AND MUCH MORE CHERRY SCENT MOTO SHINE MS1 cares, preserves, and forms a perfect protective antistatic film, giving treated surfaces a dust and dirt repellent effect. Surfaces treated with MOTO SHINE MS1 excel on account of their brilliance, depth of color and high gloss – while exuding a pleasant cherry aroma. And the practical 500-ml spray can is easy to use — even upside-down. MOTO PROTECT PREVENTS HEAVY DIRT ADHESION PRESERVES DURING LENGTHY STORAGE PERIODS FOR PAINT, CHROME, PLASTICS, AND MUCH MORE READILY BIODEGRADABLE MOTO PROTECT prevents stubborn dirt adhesion in off-road use and is ideal for preserving motorcycles during lengthy storage periods. MOTO PROTECT repels moisture and leaves a fine oil film that protects treated surfaces against corrosion. The practical 500-ml spray can will also work when used upside-down. ALL NEW NEW FORMULA Depending on the market, the new products will be available from early summer onward and will gradually replace existing products. • MOTOREX MAGAZINE 123 I MAY 2022 7



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