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MOTOREX IN THE NEWS VERY GOOD CORROSION-PROOFING IDEAL LUBRICANT PROPERTIES GENTLE ON MATERIALS READILY BIODEGRADABLE PROPELLANT-FREE PUMP SPRAY TIME FOR GARDEN TOOL CARE After winter pruning, spring ushers in the gardening season with freshly lubricated tools and devices. MOTOREX GARDEN TOOL CARE cleans, lubricates, and preserves efficiently and sustainably. The readily biodegradable (OECD 301 B) lubricant in the 250-ml pump spray bottle uses no propellants. Its compact dimensions make it easy to carry along. Real pros, by the way, treat their tools both before and after working with them. HIGH PROCESS RELIABILITY FREE OF BORIC ACIDS, AMINES, AND FORMALDEHYDE RESIDUES NON-TOXIC HIGHLY EFFECTIVE CORROSION-PROOFING EXCELLENT BIOSTABILITY FOR LIGHT AND NON-FERROUS METALS: MOTOREX SWISSCOOL UX 700 AF MOTOREX SWISSCOOL UX 700 AF is a water-miscible machining fluid ideal for working non-ferrous metals. Its balanced formula gives it a wide range of positive characteristics. SWISSCOOL UX 700 AF is an excellent choice for mixed operations, i. e. reliable machining of non-ferrous metals, aluminum, and steel (including high-alloy steels). The new emulsifier system not only enables an extremely stable combination of oil and water, but also boosts lubricant performance. The technology simultaneously provides good rinsing with optimum wetting of workpieces and tools. Success is guaranteed. CO 2 REDUCTION SINCE 1944 LESS ROAD TRAFFIC RAIL TRANSPORT LOWERS EMISSIONS By shipping the large quantities of base oils and other raw materials used in production in Langenthal by rail, MOTOREX measurably reduces emissions. Since 1944 MOTOREX has had its own rail spur, which it uses specifically for deliveries of raw materials. With a lubricant production volume on the order of 40,000 tonnes per year, the number of 20/50-tonne tank cars delivered annually is considerable. The result for 2021 was some 38 tonnes of CO₂ emissions saved, calculated using Eco-Transit figures ( Every contribution to protecting the climate counts. 4

REMOVES STUBBORN DIRT DEGREASES AND CLEANS CONTACTS DIELECTRIC (NON-CONDUCTIVE) FOOD-SAFE DEGREASING AND CLEANING IN FOOD PREPARATION AREAS MOTOREX POWER CLEAN cleans and degreases nearly anything in seconds. It even removes tar, grease, and oil. The multitalented cleaner is now 2Probity and NSF certified, making it safe for incidental contact with food and feedstuffs, pharmaceuticals, etc. What's more, a ball valve built into the spray head allows POWER CLEAN to be used in a 360° range of positiokons. Clean as a whistle! certificates © Merida, Andreas Sawitzki © Rivella AG BIKE CLEAN REFILL 2 L BIKE PROTECT 300 ML CHAINLUBE WITH PTFE 300/100 ML ANTI SEIZE 100 G THE LATEST BIKES' BEST BUDDIES MOTOREX is expanding the comprehensive BIKE LINE even further: The new transparent 2-liter refill pouch for readily biodegradable (and now green) BIKE CLEAN bicycle cleaner shows the current fill level at a glance. Newly developed BIKE PROTECT in the 300-ml spray can effortlessly prevent corrosion and heavy dirt adhesion. The biodegradable protective fluid forms a thin oily film and is perfect for preserving bikes. The new CHAINLUBE WITH PTFE chain lubricant reduces friction between the chain and wetted components. Already it's an insider tip among road racers for getting more speed from less effort. Available in a 300-ml spray and in a new 100-ml bottle with a handy applicator. Using ANTI SEIZE assembly paste when fastening aluminum parts to parts made of other metals guarantees easy disassembly later. It's easy to apply just the right amount from the 100-g brush can. Depending on the market, these products will be available from early summer onwards. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 123 I MAY 2022 5



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