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INSIDE INNOVATION IN CONTROL OF MIXING PROCESSES Production at the Langenthal plant takes place on ten mixing lines – a complex highlyprecision affair. By upgrading the process control system, MOTOREX is investing in the future of the production plant. The heart of production at MOTOREX is the mixing lines. This is where all the threads, and all the fluids, come together. The new process control system makes the production process and all parameters associated with it visible. The trend indicator shows each mixer in real time. All production data is recorded and archived. OPTIMUM MIXER UTILIZATION Process automation and real-time mixer data collection are the basis for optimizing utilization of the ten mixers, with a production volume of approximately 100,000 liters. The new process control system has • intelligent scale control (volume and specific weight) • a trend indicator for production monitoring • production parameter collection • and an improved user interface display. Display of the pigging system: the pig (rubber plug) clears all residues from the lines. BETTER ACCURACY, PRECISION, AND SPEED Along with automation of heating, stirring, circulation, pumping, and pigging processes, the mixer process control system upgrade uses a wide range of information on scheduled, current, and finished production processes. This enables optimum utilization of production capacity with documentation of every batch, guaranteeing quality in accordance with ISO 9001/14001 at all times. Downstream processes such as filling are also integrated into the SAP system. Product availability, yielding direct benefits for customers, is one impact of all these measures. • 24

PRACTICE OIL SPRAY BIO IS ALWAYS IN SEASON People buy sustainably produced agricultural products as a matter of principle. In the shop and in the field, readily biodegradable lubricants in farm equipment have a role to play. OIL SPRAY BIO puts the focus on the environment in lubrication and care processes. Like many other processes in crop cultivation, outdoor planting of onions is done with the aid of machines. In a wide range of equipment, various parts and components are always needing lubrication. The rotary drum in this planting machine with its downward-pointing planting tubes is one example. TALENTED OIL SPRAY A quick press of the OIL SPRAY BIO multifunction spray head and the planting tubes are easily adjusted once again for planting many more rows. Over 60 % of any lubricant that accidentally reaches the soil is biologically broken down within 28 days. OIL SPRAY BIO is a classic oil spray. It lubricates, protects against corrosion thanks to its creepability, and leaves behind a thin, colorless protecting film of oil. For care and temporary protection, equipment treated with OIL SPRAY BIO should always be stored under a roof. “Nature gives us life, so we should always act as responsibly as possible.” Joel Bula, vegetable grower in Galmiz, Switzerland Your MOTOREX representative will be glad to provide further information. • MOTOREX MAGAZINE 123 I MAY 2022 25



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