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ROAD CONSTRUCTION © Photos public domain. Fa. Hohberger GmbH A SHOULDER FOR THE ROAD Road wideners produce road shoulders in the desired width, height, and transverse gradient. Since 1990, Hohberg GmbH has specialized in building road shoulders throughout Germany. The machines it uses are produced at the same location by me-group. An ideal symbiosis of manufacturer and user – both successful MOTOREX customers. Hamburg Dortmund HERBSLEBEN Munich Berlin The shoulder provides room to maneuver in the road environment. Other safety aspects include surface water drainage and a place to install reflector posts. RAPID INSTALLATION Finishing the shoulders is one of the final steps in road construction. The paved road surface provides a guideline. A dump truck delivering bulk fill is positioned by the road widener. The machine pushes the truck under its own power while the fill is fed to the widener. Once in place, the material is smoothed and compacted with a vibrating plate and the road surface is cleaned. The me-group distributes Midland and Tanguay road shouldering machines throughout Europe. Since 1990 the company has specialized in sales, manufacturing (shouldering attachments since 2015), import, and export of self-propelled road wideners. SHOULDER Video MASTERFUL WITH MOTOREX Whether it's hydraulic fluid, engine or axle oils, technical greases, or lubricants for maintenance of conveyor drive chains, MOTOREX provides the right lubricant solutions for road wideners and the entire equipment fleet. 20

FOCUS QTM SAE 10W/30 This high-lubricity engine oil is ideal for engines with the latest emissions standard such as the ones from Kohler. COOLANT M3.1 Coolant circuits keep getting smaller. Even when it’s hot, the coolant quickly dissipates heat. LS UNIVERSAL SAE 90 Axles, differentials, and planetary gears are under constant high pressure. MOTOREX protects against wear and provides safety margins. COREX HV 68/ECOSYNT HEES 68 Thermal stress resistant hydraulic fluids can handle continual stresses with aplomb, even in summer. GEAR SINTEC CLP ISO 150 The oil volume in vibrating plates (attachments) is small. That means the oil has to be able to absorb heavy stresses. Lars Hohberg (Hohberg GmbH/me-group) and Michael Thal (MOTOREX distributor) know all about road wideners. LITHIUMFETT 190 EP/GREASE SPRAY Regular lubrication of drive chains and pressure rollers is the key to high process reliability. Getting the job done! • This Midland road widener spreads, compacts, and sweeps in one go. Compacting the shoulder places heavy strains on the hydraulic system and vibrating plate. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 123 I MAY 2022 21



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