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TUNNEL CONSTRUCTION TNL18 SAS from France: The company cooperates with YORK and MOTOREX in the field of lubricants for tunnel-building operations. TNL18 TUNNELS WITH VISION Modern tunnel-building involves sophisticated technologies and fast construction times. Along with utmost professionalism, this work also requires specialized chemical products such as TNL18's shield tail grease. The company's international success story builds partly on the lubricants that YORK, the MOTOREX Group's French subsidiary, has developed for tunnel-building. Paris CHASSE- SUR-RHÔNE Strassbourg Marseille What does TNL18 SAS do, exactly? Our company produces specialized chemicals for the tunnel construction industry and distributes them internationally. Along with high product quality, our key factors include consulting and networking on behalf of our customers. In many cases we are brought in during the planning stages and support the customer throughout the entire project. Where is your company doing business at present? We currently operate in many regions of the world. Since we're based in France, TNL18 is a major player in the Grand Paris Express metro expansion project. The Thames Tideway Central project in the UK was also of great interest. It involved boring 12 kilometers below the River Thames in London, passing by all of the historic bridges such as Tower Bridge. Other current and past projects include enormous sewer tunnels in New York (USA), high-speed rail tunnels (UK, I), and many others. After the boring, double-shield tunnel boring machines also install reinforced concrete tunnel lining elements (tubbings). Has this process revolutionized tunnel construction? Tunnel boring machines (TBMs) in general have been a big step forward for the tunnel construction industry. Not just by advancing faster, but also by improving safety for the workers. The first TBM was built in 1818 and operated beneath the Thames in London. (The 18 in our name refers to this date.) Yes, double shield tunnel boring machines are a genuine technical innovation. The internet has also delivered valuable services. Nowadays we can watch the tunnel being built and 16

Reinforced concrete tubbings are transported to the drill head for installation. The drill head's main bearings and hydraulics operate with YORK's rapidly biodegradable products. TNL18 shield tail grease is used in hydraulic installation of tubbings behind the drill head. SHIELD TAIL GREASE monitor excavation parameters, etc. 24/7 from the comfort of our office. The technology is not only becoming more efficient, but also safer and cleaner. Are readily biodegradable products also used? Yes. Environmental awareness has been steadily growing for years. Many project tenders explicitly require biodegradable products that meet certain standards, such as YORK 777 and MOTOREX ECOSYNT HEES BE 46 hydraulic fluids. Both suppliers have an extensive and proven product range of engine, transmission, and compressor oils, hydraulic fluids, release agents, cleaners, greases, etc. for tunnel construction. Where is TNL18's shield tail grease used? Shield tail grease is a pumpable sealant used in installing tubbings. It seals the reinforced concrete elements against the tunnel wall. Since it's used in large quantities, it requires sophisticated logistics which we also apply to lubricants and operating fluids. For the latter we use proven YORK and MOTOREX products. Which tunnel boring machine (TBM) components require a supply of lubricants? The following applications in a TBM have very high lubrication requirements: • Lubrication of the drill head main bearings • Overall hydraulics and tubbing installation • Lubrication of gears • Hydrostatic drives Besides top quality, what is it you appreciate most about YORK, i.e. MOTOREX? The MOTOREX Group (YORK MOTOREX) is a dedicated lubricants specialist. They understand precisely what customers need and take a solution-oriented approach. Customers notice this in their expert consulting and practical services such as quick and informative laboratory analysis. • ©CREG Video: double shield tunnel boring Your three strong partners for tunnel construction. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 123 I MAY 2022 17



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