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REPORT CONTINUED EAL-CERTIFIED LUBRICANTS Biodegradability is a key aspect of environmentally safe lubricants. Further environmental properties are defined by EAL standards. EAL stands for “Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant” and indicates that a product belongs to the family of environmentally friendly lubricants. EAL lubricants are classified as biodegradable, non-bioaccumulating, and minimally adverse to the aquatic environment. Every MOTOREX lubricant formula is tested for these criteria. Further details on each product are available online at “The development potential for readily biodegradable products is far from exhausted. The many advantages of bio-based synthetic lubricant products are especially exciting” Dr. M. Kurzwart, head of R & D MOTOREX AG, Langenthal INNOVATIVE RAW MATERIALS SHOW THE WAY Environmental hazards can be greatly reduced by using readily biodegradable formulas. Suitable innovative raw materials are used for the particular lubricant, cleaner, or care product, many of them made from renewable resources. Biodegradability is primarily determined by the formula and by the (vegetable, fossil, or synthetic) base fluids and additives used. Vegetable oils (triglycerides), for example, are excellent as ingredients in total-loss lubricants. For applications in closed systems such as hydraulic equipment, MOTOREX uses synthetic products such as esters in its readily biodegradable fluids. These are also known as “Hydraulic oil Environmental Ester Synthetics” (HEES). Nowadays other, likewise readily biodegradable hydrocarbon molecules such as PAOs (polyalphaoleofins) are also available. This makes it important to know the lubricant’s purpose, the machine requirements (manufacturer’s recommendations), and how it will be used. Expert consulting from your MOTOREX representative and technical customer service can find the answer. 14

SAFER AND MORE ECONOMICAL If a hydraulic system in a piece of farming, forestry, or construction equipment springs a leak, a significant quantity of hydraulic fluid can spill into the environment in just a few seconds. Such accidents often result not just in a work stoppage or financial loss but also in environmental damage. For those who know the benefits, using readily biodegradable hydraulic fluids from the MOTOREX product range is a matter of principle. Choosing a readily biodegradable hydraulic oil such as MOTOREX ECOSYNT HEES pays off, and not just because it’s safer in the event of an accident. Used properly, its significantly longer service life also makes it a compelling choice in economic terms. “MOTOREX ECOSYNT hydraulic oils contain over 20 years of know-how – thanks to continual improvement and many compelling product benefits, they are used today all over the world in the most demanding applications.” Dr. W. Wright, R & D chemist, MOTOREX AG, Langenthal BIODEGRADABILITY OF HYDRAULIC FLUIDS Biodegradability in % according to OECD test 301 B 100 80 60 40 20 0 HLP hydraulic oil White oil Vegetable oil ECOSYNT HEES A COMPREHENSIVE BIO PRODUCT RANGE Leakage of lubricants into the environment can’t always be prevented altogether. MOTOREX has many environmentally safe, highly effective, and readily biodegrad able lubricant, cleaning, and maintenance products in its lineup. Every bit helps. Your MOTOREX representative will be glad to answer any questions. • Sustainability MOTOREX 15



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