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GEAR OIL FARMER POLY 604 SETS THE UTTO STANDARD Heavy-duty service in transmissions, axles, differentials, distribution gearing and final drives with wet brakes, and hydraulics, all with one and the same oil — that’s a job only a UTTO (universal tractor transmission oil) can handle. MOTOREX FARMER POLY 604 sets the standard for all UTTO applications. Operating with heavy attachments on steep slopes or challenging braking maneuvers with heavy loads in road traffic can test the limits of a multifunctional oil for agricultural equipment. The top-notch characteristics of the powerful MOTOREX FARMER POLY 604 multirange UTTO oil are ideal for the lubrication needs of all the relevant component groups. ALL-WHEEL DRIVE / DISTRIBUTION GEAR THE MULTIFUNCTIONAL OIL IN THE REAL WORLD HYDRAULICS Perfected over years of development with the aid of long-term real-world testing, MOTOREX DIFFERENTIAL FARMER POLY 604 has found international success thanks to its sophisticated multifunctional technology. MULTI-DISC CLUTCH Bild: MF TRANSMISSION PTO SHAFT WET BRAKES FINAL DRIVE 10

GEARING Shifting in many modern gearboxes is done with electro-hydraulics. The high circumferential speeds of gears in reduction gear assemblies require a heavy-duty lubricant film, while synchronization demands a fine-tuned additive package. Extreme shear forces, such as those that occur in the differential, also need to be cushioned to minimize wear. “With FARMER POLY 604, shifting processes in the various types of gearboxes are precise and soft, even under load and whether the gears are cold or hot. It’s just great!” Beat Glauser, Glauser Landtechnik GmbH, Gurmels, Switzerland CLUTCHES Qualities that are beneficial in a gear oil can be counterproductive in wet brakes or multi-disc clutches. Here the choice of additives is again key. On the gearing side, FARMER POLY 604 meets extreme requirements. At the same time it also provides the desired friction coefficients in wet brakes and progressive, non-slipping adhesion in multidisc clutches. “MOTOREX FARMER POLY 604 is a multifunctional oil that lives up to the name. We’re impressed by its capabilities in transmitting power and used in wet brakes.” L. Prinz and G. Czompa, farm equipment suppliers in Langenlois, Austria HYDRAULICS In hydraulic systems the UTTO oil transmits powerful forces. FARMER POLY 604 meets the HVLP-D hydraulic oil specifications under DIN 51502. The formula is winning fans with its very stable viscosity-temperature curve, good water absorption capacity and effective protection against wear and corrosion. “Extreme temperatures are common in Sweden. With FARMER POLY 604, hydraulic functions are guaranteed from the very start and can be precisely controlled.” M. Hjert-Herlogsson, Andrésen Maskin AB, Uddevalla, Sweden MOTOREX FARMER POLY 604 EXTREMELY SHEAR-STABLE EASY SHIFTING VERY EFFECTIVE AT LOW TEMPERATURES IDEAL BRAKING PREVENTS BRAKE RATTLING EFFECTIVE PROTECTION AGAINST WEAR AND CORROSION MEETS A WIDE RANGE OF SPECIFICATIONS Your MOTOREX representative will be glad to provide further information. • For more information see MOTOREX MAGAZINE 123 I MAY 2022 11



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