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MOTOREX IN THE NEWS HIGHLY ADHESIVE STABLE UNDER PRESSURE WATER RESISTANT EXCELLENT SLIP PROPERTIES PROTECTS AGAINST WEAR AND CORROSION © SERVICE CLASS 4 (VOLVO/RENAULT) EXTREME HEAVY DUTY SUPPORTS EXTENDED SERVICE INTERVALS REDUCES CO 2 EMISSIONS DEPENDABLE PTFE GREASE 2002 FLUID The PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene, a semi-crystalline plastic) in MOTOREX PTFE GREASE 2002 FLUID guarantees a stress-resistant lubricant film in roller and slide bearings and in various sliding applications. The highly adhesive and pressure-resistant EP high-performance lubricant grease in liquid form is ideal for all applications requiring smooth and dependable functioning of sliding surfaces even in difficult conditions (contamination, water, vibrations). PTFE GREASE 2002 FLUID is the dependable choice. Available in 5-l containers (fluid) or in a practical 500-ml spray can. Meets Safety + Performance DIN 51502; KPF2K-30. HEAVY DUTY TRANSMISSION FLUID MOTOREX UNISYNT VT SC4 SAE 75W/90 GL-4 UNISYNT VT SC4 SAE 75W/90 is the latest addition to the MOTOREX line of heavy duty transmission fluids for commercial vehicles. The full synthetic high-performance transmission fluid can be used in both manual and automated manual transmissions such as those from Volvo ® (I-Shift ® ), Mercedes-Benz ® , and Renault ® . SC4 in the name stands for “Service Class 4.” For Volvo ® and Renault ® the high performance transmission fluid is approved for any service category. Even at extended service intervals of up to 450,000 km or three years it provides dependable shifting, secure protection against wear, and reduced friction. By saving fuel it enhances efficiency while cutting CO 2 emissions. Specifications API GL-4; VOLVO 97315 Safety + Performance VOLVO 97307; MB 235.11 CLEAN PERFORMANCE: ECOVADIS LABEL 2021 MOTOREX-BUCHER GROUP AG received good marks from independent testing organization Ecovadis. For the second time, MOTOREX scored a “Silver” rating for its corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. CSR is all about the responsibility that companies assume for the impacts they have on society, encompassing social, environmental, and economic aspects. The analysis system on which the assessment is based comprises 21 criteria in four subject areas: the environment, fair labor practices, ethics and fair business practices, and the overall procurement chain. Congratulations to everyone who worked hard for this honor. 4

ACEA C6 FOR CONCEPT SE-C AND CONCEPT E-XL SAE 0W/20 MOTOREX is keeping up with the times with two high-performance low- lubricity motor oils that meet the ACEA C6 specification. MOTOREX CONCEPT SE-C SAE 0W/20 is a fuelefficient motor oil developed specially for Volvo® gasoline and diesel engines. It can be used in CNG, LPG and hybrid vehicles. MOTOREX CONCEPT E-XL SAE 0W/20 is an extremely versatile high-performance low-lubricity motor oil especially popular in shops that service multiple makes. It is classified to ACEA C5 and C6, meets many of the latest API and ILSAC standards and is certified by several specific vehicle manufacturers. All of the CONCEPT motor oils UNIQUE HIGH-LUBRICITY CHARACTERISTICS LOWERS FUEL CONSUMPTION AND EMISSIONS FOR USE IN E85 GASOLINE AND HYBRID ENGINES MEETS ILSAC GF-6B GREEN AND ECONOMICAL: MOTOREX CONCEPT T-XL SAE 0W/16 High-tech low-viscosity CONCEPT T-XL SAE 0W/16 motor oil was developed especially for use in small- displacement Asian combustion engines. What’s more, its pioneering low-SAPS technology in combination with unique low-lubricity characteristics reduce fuel consumption and CO 2 emissions. With API SP-RC, API SP, and ILSAC GF-6B specifications, MOTOREX CONCEPT T-XL SAE 0W/16 makes a big difference in vehicles designed to be environmentally friendly. symbolic picture MOTOREX MAGAZINE 122 I JANUARY 2022 5



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