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PRACTICE TOUGH PERFORMER: ROTAC 220 HAMMER DRILL OIL In horizontal hammer drilling, the performance of the equipment is essential for doing the job right. Heavy-duty MOTOREX ROTAC 220 hammer drill oil was developed to ensure dependable, low-wear operation. Photos © For a precision breakthrough, a horizontal drill with a hammer drill head is the ideal tool. Typical applications include installing cable and pipe beneath construction projects such as roads and natural obstacles. HEAVY STRESSES During boring a pneumatic percussion element strikes the drill tip. Every movable part of the percussion mechanism is lubricated and cooled by hammer drill oil added to the compressed air. Especially when boring into rock, pressure and temperature stresses are high. This requires an extremely adhesive, pressure-stable hammer drill oil. MOTOREX ROTAC 220 ROTAC 220 is a mineral-based heavy-duty hammer drill oil of viscosity class ISO VG 220, developed in collaboration with drill manufacturers and users. It lubricates and protects the entire pneumatic mechanism against wear, provides internal cooling, and protects the equipment from corrosion by removing moisture. Further advantages include: GOOD PROTECTION AGAINST CORROSION AND WEAR WIDE OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE NO RESIDUES OR GUMMING NO OIL MISTING PREVENTS DRILL HEAD JAMMING Do you have any questions about MOTOREX ROTAC? Your MOTOREX representative will be glad to provide further information. • 24

INSIDE COBI LENDS A HAND Cobi is a valuable team member at the MOTOREX production site in Langenthal. It is what is known as a collaborative robot, designed to assist humans with certain work processes. One of its tasks at MOTOREX is to continuously feed empty containers to the filling line. This not only makes processes quieter and more consistent, it has increased output by no less than 30 %. 2 1Empty containers are brought to the cobot on two pallets. At startup the operator simply sets the container size to be filled (1 to 5 l). User-friendly, low-maintenance Cobi feeds empty containers to the filling line at a preset pace. 3 The cobot autonomously cleans up cardboard trays and deposits them for recycling. The flexible multi-directional suction head is easily adjustable for different containers. 4 MOTOREX MAGAZINE 122 I JANUARY 2022 25



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