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AGRICULTURAL EQUIPMENT Transferring a load of harvested raw peas. Within three hours they will have been processed into frozen vegetables. THE BIG PEA COUNTDOWN When peas are ready for harvest, there’s no time to spare. The window to pick, process, and freeze fresh peas is only three hours. Bil & Maskin Fendtspecialisten AB keeps five pea harvesters in good working condition for a customer in the south of Sweden. To keep these hardworking machines lubricated, the company’s pros turn to MOTOREX. When we look at the green peas on our plates, few of us suspect how much work it took to bring them there. Peas can only be planted in the same field once every eight years. BIL & MASKIN SKÅNE AB MOTOREX partner Bil & Maskin Skåne AB in Helsingborg is a Fendt specialist. The company also services and repairs Ploeger pea harvesters. These complex machines, specially designed for harvesting peas, demand a rigorous course of maintenance and lubrication. The customers’ pea harvesters are only used once a year, from June through August. Gothenburg Stockholm HELSINGBORG THE 1000-HOUR MARATHON The 250 kilometer-long pea growing region is located between Tommelilla in Skåne and Falkenberg in Halland in southwestern Sweden. Once the peas reach the per- 22

Pea plants at harvest time are roughly 50 centimeters tall. After threshing, a lift carries the peas to the harvester’s loading chamber. Key harvester figures including GPS data can be read remotely. The harvester travels (at 3.6 kph during picking and 25 kph on the road) and operates by hydraulic power. fect state of ripeness, things start to move very quickly. A team of seven works with four machines per shift. The harvest proceeds in three shifts, six days a week, picking four hectares per hour at the peak of the harvest. As a result, each machine is in operation for up to 1000 hours during the harvest season! LUBRICATION AS KEY SUCCESS FACTOR The 25-tonne harvester is powered by a 9.3-liter Scania five-cylinder engine. MOTOREX NEXUS FE keeps the engine perfectly lubricated. The thin SAE 5W/30 formula’s fuel-efficient, emission-reducing low-lubricity characteristics are especially important. Field-proven multirange MOTOREX COREX HV 46 hydraulic fluid keeps the equipment’s hydrostatic system running smoothly. In the axles, MOTOREX LS UNIVERSAL SAE 90 protects each component against powerful shear forces and wear. A Bil & Maskin Skåne AB mobile mechanic is always on hand for emergencies during the harvest. The equipment is washed every other day and undergoes major lubrication once a week. With some 10,000 tonnes of peas harvested each season, it goes without saying that a perfectly functioning harvester is a key success factor. • MOTOREX MAGAZINE 122 I JANUARY 2022 23



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