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ERFOLGSGESCHICHTE – SUCCESS STORY TOOLMAKING Machining a top-quality product demands precision tooling. High-performance SWISSCOOL MAGNUM UX 550 machining fluid gets the job done with top results even over a 140-hour milling marathon. RON AG – HÄRKINGEN ALUMINUM WHEEL TOOLMAKING THE SOURCE OF ROUND MASTERPIECES More than ever, light-metal wheels are shaping the optical and technical look and feel of today’s vehicles. With a capacity of around 20 million light-metal wheels per year, the Ronal Group is one of the world’s leading producers. At the source of these round masterpieces is toolmaking. And MOTOREX SWISSCOOL machining fluids play a leading role. HÄRKINGEN Zurich Bern Geneva Some 97 % of light-metal wheels produced worldwide by the Ronal Group are supplied to leading passenger car manufacturers. The automakers not only specify design and key technical parameters but also demand just-in-time delivery. To meet these requirements, the Group builds high-precision molds, perfect in every detail, at its own subsidiary Ron AG. FROM A SOLID BLOCK Once development work is complete, toolmaking can commence on the basis of approved CAD data. The tools are built using blanks and semi-finished units made of 1.2343 tool steel. A casting mold consists of three main parts that give the tool its shape: the upper and lower dies and four lateral elements. These parts are produced on state-of-the-art machine tools from a solid block of material. PRODUCING A MOLD IN 20 WORK DAYS 20

PRODUCTION-READY CASTING MOLD Upper die Air cooling Lateral element (4) Lower die Shot hole In low-pressure die casting, the aluminum is injected into the mold from below through a riser. Computer-controlled cooling processes guarantee continuous solidification of the material. Quality is key: Stefan Borner, head of toolmaking production at Ron AG, brings high-end demands to life. SWISSCOOL MACHINING FLUIDS For years Ron AG has relied on water-miscible MOTOREX machining fluids for subtractive machining processes. Along with SWISSCOOL 8000 for lathe-turning molds, SWISSCOOL MAGNUM UX 550 is used in sophisticated boring and milling operations. Stefan Borner, head of production at Ron AG, has been particularly impressed by the product’s biostability, cutting performance, and non-toxicity. Since the milling processes for lower dies often take up to 140 hours of round-the-clock operation, the machining fluid must be capable of guaranteeing process reliability at all times. With a mission of supplying customer-specific production tools just-in-time from thirteen production sites on three continents, there’s no room for compromise at Ron AG. MOTOREX machining fluids are a key factor in keeping metalworking processes running perfectly smoothly. • Light-metal wheels are roughly one-third lighter than steel wheels. The Ronal Group also offers the world's first CO 2-neutral wheel made of recycled materials. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 122 I JANUARY 2022 21



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