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INDUSTRY AUTOMATED PRECISION MEASUREMENT MEASUREMENTS AVAILABLE ONLINE 24/7 REDUCES FILLING TIME HIGH PROCESS RELIABILITY LOWERS MACHINING FLUID CONSUMPTION IMPROVED SAFETY THE LYNX’S SHARP SENSES The lynx is known for its incredibly sharp eyes and ears. In nature it represents power and agility. Featuring innovative measurement and control systems, MOTOREX FLUIDLYNX brings intelligent machining fluid automation to life. Follow us: MOTOREX INDUSTRY Measuring by hand is obsolete – MOTOREX FLUIDLYNX is a freely programmable 24/7 online measuring system capable of continually analyzing water-based machining fluids at intervals from one to 99 minutes. The more regular the measurements, the more fine-meshed the control loop. The brains behind fluid automation is MOTOREX’s FLUIDLYNX, which is available as the FLUIDLYNX SINGLE for one machine and the FLUIDLYNX MULTI for up to six machines. INNOVATIVE SENSORS Where most conventional systems depend on optical lenses for measurements, the FLUIDLYNX employs an innovative sensor technology. Unlike optical systems which are subject to smearing, these sensory organs are reliable, fast, and precise. The technology was developed in collaboration with partners in Switzerland and has been successfully field-tested for two years. 18

MEASUREMENT AND CONTROL With its compact design, the FLUIDLYNX is easy to install even in existing plants. Installation can take place without interrupting machine operation. Fast and precise measurement results are displayed on a screen and are available online around the clock. NETWORKED MACHINING FLUID MANAGEMENT METERING EVALUATION % CONCENTRATION PH VALUE REMOTE CONTROL TEMPERATURE DOCUMENTING MEASUREMENT ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY (OPTIONAL) ODOR SENSOR (OPTIO- NAL) FLUIDLYNX SINGLE For one (1) processing center. CHECKLIGHTS FLUIDLYNX MULTI For up to six processing centers that are operated simultaneously and autonomously. UNIQUE ADVANTAGES Automated fluid management not only reduces machining fluid consumption but also, by ensuring a steady supply, improves process reliability. MOTOREX offers a complete package from a single source, beginning with top-quality machining fluids, continuing with user-friendly software and an app, then on to the FLUIDLYNX measuring, mixing, dispensing, and care portfolio. The system makes physical contact with machining fluid the exception, further enhancing workplace safety. MOTOREX FLUIDLYNX anticipates the future of machining and contributes to efficient, safe, and sustainable production processes. Just ask your MOTOREX representative. • MOTOREX MAGAZINE 122 I JANUARY 2022 19



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