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BIKE LINE MOTOREX has been marketing its BIKE LINE products globally for over 20 years. Now the range has been completely revamped and systematically enhanced. The products are grouped in four color-coded categories: CLEAN, CARE, LUBE and WORKSHOP. “Bio” labels emphasize the environmental safety of the lubricant and care products. Whether simply for transportation, for keeping fit, or as an active hobby, bicycles are more popular than ever. These days conscious cycling is expressed in increasing demands for information, quality, and especially environmental safety. And that’s just what the MOTOREX BIKE LINE lubricants and care products stand for. STRUCTURED Color-coding and numbering make it clear at a glance which products are meant for cleaning, caring for, lubricating and assembling a bike and in what order. 1 CLEAN 2 CARE 3 LUBE WORKSHOP QUICK CLEAN BIKE CLEAN CHAIN DEGREASER BIKE SHINE CHAINLUBE ALLROUND 16

BIODEGRADABLE Cyclists and repair shop pros alike appreciate the BIKE LINE’s exceptional environmental friendliness. Wherever technically feasible, BIKE LINE products are biodegradable. This is clearly indicated on the products with “bio” labels. Readily biodegradable products reduce environmental impacts. Natural microorganisms combined with air and light break the product down into harmless components. There are various testing processes and standards to deter mine biodegradability (e.g. OECD 301 B = biodegradability of over 60% within 28 days / OECD 302 = inherently or potentially biodegradable). COMPLETE The BIKE LINE is the most comprehensive range of easy-to-use, highly effective, and environmentally friendly lubricant and care products. It covers a bike owner's every need, whether for mountain bikes, racing or everyday cycles, pedelecs or e-bikes. • QUICK CLEAN Cleaner with waterbeading effect 500 ml CARBON PASTE Assembly compound 100 ml BIKE CLEAN Biodegradable bicycle cleaner 500 ml, 2 l CHAIN DEGREASER Chain degreaser for chains, derailleurs, etc. 500 ml BIKE GREASE Long-term grease, highly water-repellent 100 ml BIKE SHINE Care and protection spray 300 ml CHAINLUBE ALLROUND, CHAINLUBE FOR WET & DRY CONDITIONS Chain lubricant 100 ml, 300 ml WHITE GREASE White grease for bikes 100 ml HYDRAULIC FLUID 75 Special oil for hydraulic brake systems 250 ml More information MOTOREX MAGAZINE 122 I JANUARY 2022 17



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