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REPORT COLLABORATION WITH TM RACING PASSIONE AZZURRA It was pure passion – passione in Italian – that drove two friends to found the Italian motorcycle brand TM Racing in 1976. Today TM Racing is regarded as an elite manufacturer of sport enduro, supermoto and motocross bikes. In 2020 TM Racing introduced the TM 125 SMR Fi, the first certified E1 two-stroke enduro cycle with electronic fuel injection. Innovation will continue to shape the future – since the start of the year MOTOREX has been the official lubricant partner of the brand from Pesaro (I). Milan Rome Sicily PESARO No motorcycle make can survive on tradition alone. Whether on the racetrack or in the fiercely contested mass market, customers and would-be customers demand constant innovation to make the experience of riding ever more unique. INNOVATION IN THEIR DNA The first TM Racing four-stroke motorcycle was introduced in Milan back in 1977. With a four-stroke engine developed in-house, TM left the competition on the enduro circuit in the dust – yes, even the Japanese. TM 12

PANTONE 299C PANTONE YELLOW C PANTONE BLACK C TM Racing has won no fewer than 18 world championships so far. The two partners are linked not only by innumerable racing triumphs, but also by a commitment to offering quality products. Racing has always been careful to keep bike weight down. Ultralight engine housings and the light-metal frames used exclusively since 2008 provide the foundations of a perfectly balanced machine. To this day cycles from TM Racing are a clear exemplar of true passion expressed in meticulous care and attention to detail. TM Racing is also the world's leading maker of engines for go-kart racing. “AVANTI” WITH KNOW-HOW Since a change of ownership in 2018, TM Racing has been vigorously expanding its infrastructure, range of models, and marketing activities. The company was therefore on the look-out for an experienced lubrication technology specialist capable of meeting dramatically increased global requirements. In MOTOREX the make now has an ally with over 100 years of knowhow at its side. The two partners bring their combined experience and ability to bear in the areas of: • research & development • factory filling (first fill) • racing • aftermarket With its 2022 models and newly launched electric off-road mountain bike, TM Racing proves that passion and prowess are the wellspring of trailblazing developments. TM Racing is also a technology leader in go-kart engines. The company’s engines are known not only for their durability and performance, but also for their surprisingly fine workmanship. • KZ-R1 Titan Red 125 cc two-stroke go-kart engine. Photos TM Racing MOTOREX MAGAZINE 122 I JANUARY 2022 13



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