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AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID ATF SERVICE: FLUSH AND REPLACE After shifting gears millions of times, abrasion and aging can degrade transmission fluid and with it the functioning of automatic transmissions. With a broad range of automatic transmission fluids (ATFs) for each generation of gearboxes, the MOTOREX DYNCO flushing device and personal consulting, MOTOREX offers everything you need for a successful service program. In the 1970s, automatic transmissions were able to handle shifting among three forward speeds. Today we depend on them for much more complex processes. Nowadays eight or more speeds are common for keeping the engine at optimum RPM, significantly reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Each additional speed is the same as doubling the number of gear shifts. This places tremendous demands on the automatic transmission fluid over a period of many years and thousands of kilometers. Changing the automatic transmission fluid by flushing at the appropriate interval is crucial in keeping gearboxes in peak condition. 10

DEVELOPMENT OF AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS, 1970 TO DATE 1970 3-SPEED 1982 4-SPEED 1990 5-SPEED 3 4 5 2001 6-SPEED The wave of innovation in automatic transmissions over the past 50 years is far from over. 6 89 2008 8-SPEED 2010 9-SPEED 2020 9-SPEED + ELECTRIC MOTOR • 1970 • 1975 • 1980 • 1985 • 1990 • 1995 • 2000 • 2005 • 2010 • 2015 9+E • 2020 • 2025 A BROAD RANGE OF ATFS Modern gearboxes are especially tough on ATFs, carrying enormous torques and increasingly hybridized with electric motors built right into the gears. MOTOREX’s current ATF line covers the entire spectrum of automatic transmissions. Fully synthetic high-performance MOTOREX ATF BLUE, for example, guarantees ideal shifting behavior even under heavy loads. Further innovative new products include ATF STAR 7G and ATF CT8. A wide range of adapters for different transmissions is available for the MOTOREX DYNCO. THE MOTOREX DYNCO FLUID CHANGE SYSTEM The fully automated MOTOREX DYNCO flushing system was developed for automatic and dual-clutch transmissions with lubricant circulation. Once connected, the device automatically replaces the entire system contents unsupervised. The MOTOREX DYNCO flushing concept is easy to use and economical, with a fully automated process control system. In addition, MOTOREX offers a wide range of adapters. A wealth of information on the MOTOREX DYNCO system (operator instructions, adapters, FAQ, etc.) can be found at the adjacent link: MOTOREX DYNCO OIL FINDER ADVICE AND SUPPORT A few clicks on the MOTOREX OIL FINDER is all it takes to find out which MOTOREX ATF is recommended for the vehicle and transmission you need to service (manufacturers’ specifications). Fill quantity data makes it easy to calculate exactly how much to order. All MOTOREX ATFs are available in handy 25-l containers that perfectly fit the MOTOREX DYNCO. Every new MOTOREX DYNCO includes personal training along with free support from the Technical Customer Service team. Your MOTOREX representative will be glad to provide further information. • The support service includes training in how to use the MOTOREX DYNCO. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 122 I JANUARY 2022 11



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