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MOTOREX Magazine 2021 121 EN

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REPORT FRESH FOR THE FOOD INDUSTRY: MOTOREX FOOD LINE Manufacturers in the food, pharmaceuticals and packaging sectors are required to make every effort to avoid lubricant contamination to the best of their knowledge and to the extent permitted by technical feasibility. The wide MOTOREX FOOD LINE range is safe if it should come into contact with the products manufactured on the lines it is used on. From raw materials to final product, ensuring quality means adhering to strict standards at each stage. The requirements for lubricant systems are especially stringent in the production, processing, and packaging of foods, drugs, cosmetics, and even animal feed and similar products. CERTIFICATION GUARANTEES QUALITY Food and animal feed manufacturers are required to make every effort to avoid any risk to consumers. This includes contamination. MOTOREX FOOD LINE lubricants are registered and certified in the relevant categories under 2Probity and/or NSF International and produced in accordance with ISO 21469. Premium synthetic lubricants ensure that no animal products or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are used. This makes FOOD LINE lubricants suitable for vegetarian and non-allergenic food production as well. FOOD LINE certifications in brief: 2PROBITY / NSF (H1, 3H, HT1, DEPENDING ON PRODUCT) KOSHER (JEWISH DIETARY RESTRICTIONS) HALAL (ISLAMIC DIETARY RESTRICTIONS) certificates HALAL KOSCHER 8

EXPERT ADVISING The key to identifying the ideal lubricant for any piece of equipment is classifying the contamination risk for your operation. Your MOTOREX representative can help. After an on-site needs analysis, a list is compiled of the appropriate MOTOREX FOOD LINE products. This is always done in conformity with the applicable manufacturer’s requirements for the equipment. With a Technical Customer Service hotline and used oil analysis at the MOTOREX lab, FOOD LINE customers are always on the right page. A COMPLETE ASSORTMENT Whether it’s for a conveyor system in a grain silo, the gears of a mixer, or the vacuum pump of a drug packing machine, with lubricants from the broad FOOD LINE range precisely tailored for a given application, you’ve always got the right solution at hand. With consumerfriendly package sizes from small container to drum, every customer’s individual needs are met. And don’t underestimate the economic benefits: equipment efficiency goes up while energy consumption and maintenance costs go down. MOTOREX FOOD LINE OILS & FLUIDS TECHNICAL GREASES MAINTENANCE SPECIAL PRODUCTS Chain oil Low-viscosity grease for gears Cleaning/degreasing spray Oil/release agent (direct contact) Hydraulic oil Aluminum complex grease Chain/maintenance spray Antifreeze and coolant additive Gear oil Calcium sulfonate grease Grease spray Heat transfer oil Compressor oil Bentonite grease Silicone spray Silicone oil Vacuum pump oil Biodegradable H1 grease Stainless steel assembly paste Cleaner and sugar solvent Anti-corrosion Silicone grease Direct contact grease MOTOREX MAGAZINE 121 I SEPTEMBER 2021 9



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