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GEAR OIL MOTOREX PRISMA ZX CT SAE 75W/90 is ideal for the entire drive train of many kinds of machinery and vehicles. PRISMA ZX CT SAE 75W/90 THE MULTI DRIVE TRAIN GEAR OIL Commercial vehicles and construction and agricultural equipment use a wide variety of transmissions, axle drives, and transfer cases. “Multi drive train” (MDT) systems are unequaled in their variety and the demands they place on gearbox lubricants. With multifunctional high-performance PRISMA ZX CT SAE 75W/90 gear oil, MOTOREX takes a further step to improve maintenance processes and reduce costs. One question that constantly arises in real-world use is how companies can lubricate the various gear units in multi drive trains correctly and cost-efficiently in their own workshops. MOTOREX’s new PRISMA ZX CT SAE 75W/90 is a multifunctional fleet gear oil for the entire drive train of hard-working commercial vehicles and machinery. FOR THE ENTIRE DRIVE TRAIN The various power transmitting assemblies (transmissions, transfer cases, axle drives, wheel heads, etc.) are some of the most heavily stressed components in transportation, construction, and agricultural equipment. The basic requirement for lasting protection against wear is high shear stability and good highpressure characteristics in the gear oil. MOTOREX PRISMA ZX CT SAE 75W/90 achieves this by combining synthetic base oils with additives that are perfectly attuned to the task. The formulation’s outstanding viscosity-temperature response protects transmission components even when temperatures are low and guarantees smooth shifting. With API GL-4 /5 compli- 6

MOTOREX PRISMA ZX CT SAE 75W/90 GL-4/5 SYNTHETIC PERFORMANCE MULTI DRIVE TRAIN OIL FLEET GEAR OIL SIMPLIFIED STOCKAGE * HIGH LOAD CAPACITY ATTRACTIVE PRICE-PERFORMANCE QUALITY RATIO *reduces gear oil complexity Technical information ance (suitable for manual transmissions and axle drives) and its many Safety + Performance specifications, it covers an extremely broad range of applications. This makes PRISMA ZX CT SAE 75W/90 the ideal fleet gear oil for heavy machinery. ECONOMICAL ALTERNATIVE The beneficial properties of MOTOREX PRISMA ZX CT SAE 75W/90 gear oil make it a versatile alternative for aftersales applications. Reducing the number of gear oils not only eliminates the risk of mix-ups, it also simplifies logistics. Compliance with specifications such as API GL-4 /5, API MT-1, MIL-PRF-2105E, SAE J2360 and comprehensive Safety + Performance standards makes MOTOREX’s PRISMA ZX CT SAE 75W/90 fleet oil a value-for-money solution. Your MOTOREX representative will be glad to provide further information. • With the API GL-4/5 specification and the widely used SAE 75W/90 viscosity class, PRISMA ZX CT can be used in both transmissions and in rear axles, as well as in other applications. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 121 I SEPTEMBER 2021 7



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