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MOTOREX IN THE NEWS Iveco Stralis XP, art. no. 451320 Volvo FH semi-trailer, art. no. 452248 REALISTIC REPLICAS 1:87 SCALE/H0 GAUGE TOP QUALITY LIMITED EDITION THE BIG ONES ALSO COME IN SMALL Two model MOTOREX trucks are setting the hearts of miniature enthusiasts aflutter. Both the Iveco Stralis XP box truck and the Volvo FH semi with its distinctive Krone trailer in 1:87 (H0) scale are just like the original vehicles in the MOTOREX fleet. An absolute must-have for modeling fans, collectors, and everyone between the ages of 9 and 99. Both trucks are available through your MOTOREX representative. They also make perfect gifts. IDEAL FOR OFFROAD BIKES POWERFUL CLEANING PERFORMANCE GENTLE FORMULA READILY BIODEGRADABLE VOC AND PHOSPHATE FREE A SUCCESSOR TO MOTO CLEAN MOTOREX has launched MOTO CLEAN UNIVERSAL, a brother for its MOTO CLEAN PLUS (formerly MOTO CLEAN) motorcycle cleaner. Developed specifically for the off-road community, the cleaner contains penetrating, soil-dissolving and surfactant active constituents. Since off-road motorcycles are washed more frequently, the formulation and concentration have been adapted precisely for this purpose. However, regular on-road riders will also appreciate MOTO CLEAN UNIVERSAL because it is kinder to sensitive surfaces when used frequently. It will be available in five-liter containers in the near future and as a 500-ml pump atomizer from spring 2022. SUCCESS INCLUDED: MOTOREX DYNCO TM ADAPTER SETS DEVELOPED TOGETHER WITH VEHICLE MANUFACTURERS MAKE-SPECIFIC COMPLETE SETS TOP QUALITY HANDY PROTECTIVE CASE For professional servicing of automatic and dual-clutch transmissions, the MOTOREX DYNCO TM automated lubricant flush and change machine sets new standards. To make sure it works with the evergrowing variety of models from today’s automakers, MOTOREX has produced adapter sets in collaboration with the OEMs. The sets are available for Audi, BMW, GM/Opel, Mercedes, Volvo, VW, and various Japanese and Korean makes, among others. To ensure that shops always have the right adapter for each brand, the makespecific adapters are only available as complete sets. The adapters are securely packed in a handy plastic case with oil-resistant foam insets. With the right adapter, every servicing operation with DYNCO TM is a success! 4

LAST CHANCE! PHOTO CHALLENGE PHOTO CHALLENGE “MOTOREX AROUND THE WORLD” Entering is the first step to winning! MOTOREX is looking for the most creative, original, and spectacular TRUCK and CAR photos with a MOTOREX connection. The best pictures will win prizes and provide exposure in many different public-facing media. Learn more about the “MOTOREX AROUND THE WORLD” photo challenge on the landing page of the QR code. The deadline to enter is November 1, 2021. Good luck and have fun! photochallenge BRAWNY ALPINE PRO 220 GEAR OIL MOTOREX ALPINE PRO 220 (formerly ALPINE TOP PAO 220) is an improved fully synthetic gear oil specially developed for use in the heavy-duty rear drives, transfer gearboxes and winch gears of snow groomers. Close cooperation with ski areas and extensive field testing over two winter seasons yielded valuable information for product improvements. The result is ALPINE PRO 220, the latest stage in the evolution of MOTOREX snow groomer gear oils. It meets the most stringent requirements in terms of operating temperatures, condensation, load- bearing characteristics, protection against wear, and material compatibility. See your MOTOREX representative for more information. OUTSTANDING PROTECTION AGAINST WEAR EXTREMELY WIDE OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE IDEAL FOR WET BRAKE SYSTEMS SPECIAL FRICTION CHARACTERISTICS WATER-RESISTANT SPECIFICATIONS Safety + Performance API GL-4: API MT-1; DIN 51517-3 CLP; ZF TE-ML-05A; ZF TE-ML-07A; ZF TE-ML-12N; ZF TE-ML-21A MOTOREX MAGAZINE 121 I SEPTEMBER 2021 5



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