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HYDRAULICS BACK ON TRACK WITH HYDRAULKRAFT Setting multi-tonne trains on the tracks, taking a bite out of a reinforced concrete structure, cutting high-strength steel cables with millimeter precision – it’s all possible with hydraulics. MOTOREX hydraulic fluid flexes its muscles without tiring at pressures of over 700 bar in special equipment from Hydraulkraft Sverige AB. Photos © Holmatro + Hydraulkraft Heavy loads almost are child’s play: setting a 50-tonne railcar on the tracks with hydraulic jacks. The hydraulic rerailing cylinders have to be compact, as light as possible and combine minimum overall height with maximum telescopic lift. The hydraulic fluid in each cylinder may have to lift up to 127 tonnes. Gothenburg Skellefteå Stockholm KUNGSBACKA Hydraulkraft Sverige AG’s name is self-explanatory: whenever challenging hydraulic applications are the order of the day, the company from the Swedish town of Kungsbacka has a solution up its sleeve. As a distributor for leading hydraulic tool and component manufacturers, Patrik Nilsson knows the importance of using the right hydraulic fluid. A QUICK LIFT ONTO THE TRACKS When a train derails, it’s essential to get it back on the tracks as quickly as possible. In the past this usually required a mobile crane, but today hydraulic rerailing systems are used to get trains rolling again quickly and safely, even in rough terrain, in tunnels, and on bridges. Since rerailing cylinders have to be carried by hand and assembled on location, they need to be not only powerful but also as light and compact as possible. Cylinders are available in sizes with a lifting capacity of 22 to 127 tonnes. The hydraulic power in the Holmatro® Quattro hydraulic jack has secured many a heavyweight record for its professional customers. The device controls four cylinders simultaneously for vertical lifting. It can also be used to move loads horizontally (photo: tank car). Special check valves guarantee precisely calibrated synchronized lifting and lowering. The device can be operated from a safe distance by remote control. 20

“ Few if any other mechanical systems bear such heavy loads as hydraulics.” Patrik Nilsson, proprietor, Hydraulkraft Sverige AB, Kungsbacka, Sweden The excellent high-pressure characteristics of ECOSYNT HEES enable fine-tuned hydraulic operations even at over 700 bar of pressure. Fast and safe: lifting and horizontally moving a tank car with remote-controlled hydraulics. HARDWORKING HYDRAULICS Tailor-made solutions are often required for such customer-specific applications as a cutting tool for dismantling work in an atomic power plant or cutting electricity cables of up to 90 mm in diameter. In such cases, Hydraulkraft customizes existing systems. Hydraulkraft improves existing systems for these jobs or modifies them according to the customer’s needs. As an experienced user and official MOTOREX point of sale, Hydraulkraft has considerable expertise in the field of lubrication. Ester-based MOTOREX ECOSYNT HEES hydraulic oils, both readily biodegradable in accordance with OECD 301 B (minimum degradation > 60 % over 28 days), have become the best-selling hydraulic oil products Hydraulkraft carries. After all: even after many hours of hard work, they never get tired! • FACTS AND FIGURES Company Location Founded 2013 Website Hydraulkraft Sverige AB Kungsbacka, Sweden MOTOREX MAGAZINE 121 I SEPTEMBER 2021 21



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