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ERFOLGSGESCHICHTE – SUCCESS STORY INDUSTRY Rau AG of Bülach (Switzerland) relies on innovative solutions from MOTOREX to automate its fluid management. RAU AG – BÜLACH MACHINING FLUID MANAGEMENT “WE’RE THRILLED WITH THE CUSTOMIZED FLUID AUTOMATION” Companies that use machining fluids for metal machining are naturally on the lookout for automated, low-maintenance fluid management systems. The combination of MOTOREX’s high-performance emulsions and innovative COOLANTLYNX solution makes automated process fluid management a reality – and redefines standards at the same time. BÜLACH Zurich Bern Geneva Founded in 1955, Rau AG manufactures complex rotating and cubic parts for its international customer base from its factory in Switzerland. The SME and its 80- strong workforce, 16 of whom are apprentices, have established a reputation as a quality contract manufacturer for a wide range of industries, including automotive, analytics and hydraulics. Rau AG has also diversified into a second focal area, systems construction, by producing assemblies, equipment and machinery. It has a clean room and electrostatically neutral facilities for these activities. SUCCESS THROUGH PARTNERSHIP Ask Herbert Wagner, head of production for Rau AG, why the company has so many satisfied longtime customers, and his answer rings out like a shot: “We believe strongly in collaboration as partners with mutual respect, where both parties derive value from 18

TEMPERATURE ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY (OPTIONAL) the relationship.” The same is true of the company’s partnership with MOTOREX. By keeping the lines of communication open, any tasks relating to machining fluid have been quickly and efficiently resolved every time. One especially successful chapter in this collaboration has been the introduction of an automated machining fluid management system with the MOTOREX COOLANTLYNX. CONCENTRATION pH VALUE ODOR SENSOR (OPTIONAL) MEASUREMENT OPTIMIZATION AS STRATEGY Continuous optimization at every level (productivity, process mastery, throughput times, cost) reflects Rau AG’s strong commitment to perfection and is shaping the company’s path to the future. The comprehensive machining fluid system solution from MOTOREX takes Rau AG a big step forward on this journey. • Please follow us: LINKEDIN MOTOREX INDUSTRY METERING EVALUATION DOCUMENTING REMOTE CONTROL Mr. Wagner, what were the most important factors leading you to choose SWISSCOOL machining fluids? Generally, our experience with SWISSCOOL 8000 and 8500 has always been good. The biostability, cutting performance, and non-toxic aspects in particular are exemplary. Since we work a wide range of materials in three shifts, the machining fluid we use has to be universal and stable. Especially during the unmanned third shift this gives us added process reliability. And the quality-price-performance relationship is right too. Would you recommend MOTOREX’s fluid automation solutions? Yes. I’m thrilled by the system solution from MOTOREX. Many lubricant suppliers only provide one product. At MOTOREX the solution consists of consulting, machining fluid, innovative infrastructure, and technical knowhow. That’s the only way to move the customer forward. What is the company trying to achieve by automating machining fluid management? By using COOLANTLYNX boxes we want to take some of the burden of routine chores off our employees. Just like with our machining equipment, we’re trying to achieve the highest possible degree of automation in machining fluid management as well. With just one device we can automate the following tasks: • Mixing, metering, and refilling the fluid in up to six machine tanks • Filtering the fluid and removing contaminating oil • Extensive monitoring (consumption, concentration, temperature, pH, conductivity) • Controlled bacterial growth via air infusion One of Herbert Wagner’s (head of production) favorite “workers”: the MOTOREX COOLANTLYNX. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 121 I SEPTEMBER 2021 19



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