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WHAT’S NEW DISINFECTING SURFACES WITH UNICID AQUA With winter just around the corner, the threat presented by flu and coronavirus is set to rise significantly. MOTOREX has a confidence-inspiring solution for public transport operators in the form of water-based UNICID AQUA and two high-performance sprayers. MOTOREX’s classic ethanol-based disinfectants have made an important contribution to combating the coronavirus pandemic over the last two years. Now the range has been expanded by the innovative waterbased UNICID AQUA and sprayers for disinfecting complex interior surfaces. WATER-BASED DISINFECTION MOTOREX UNICID AQUA is a water-based and thus nonflammable disinfectant that efficiently protects against viruses, bacteria, spores, and yeasts. It is pH-neutral (gentle on the skin and eyes), free of ethanol and VOCs, and has no hazardous material classification (FOPH/BAuAapproved). Because it contains no ethanol, MOTOREX UNICID AQUA is excellent not only for traditional disinfectant applications, but also for disinfecting delicate surfaces (leather, plastics, etc.) as well as large surfaces in areas subject to fire safety regulations (such as vehicles, trains, and buildings). Available in the following container sizes: 5-l, 500-ml pump bottle, and 500-ml atomizer. PRACTICAL SPRAYERS The new MOTOREX eSPRAYER CS-4020 (shown left in the picture) and eSPRAYER 790 are essential contributors to effective surface disinfection. The two sprayers’ outstanding atomization, portability and battery operation make them a sure-fire winner. NEW MOTOREX eSPRAYER CS-4020 An exceptionally handy spray with a two-liter tank for spray disinfection. Sprays 60 to 210 ml per minute. One-hour battery capacity. For aqueous fluids only. Total weight (empty) 5.3 kg. MOTOREX eSPRAYER 790 Can be carried like a backpack. Has a 10-liter tank, suitable for disinfection of large spaces. Sprays 250 to 450 ml per minute. Five-hour battery capacity. Fine electrostatic spray mechanism. For aqueous fluids only. Total weight (empty) 13.8 kg. For more information, just contact your MOTOREX representative. 16

FORESTRY HOT SPOT HARVESTER CHAINS Mechanical timber harvesting using harvesters, processors and grapple saws is a real test for chainsaws. Working with specialists and customers in the timber industry, MOTOREX has developed BIOGUARD PROFESSIONAL, a high-performance, resilient and rapidly biodegradable chainsaw oil. © Even wear of guide rails and optimum lubrication of the nose sprocket result in precise cutting performance. Oil Critical zones Mechanical timber harvesting performance is increasing at breakneck speed, and chainsaw oils have to keep pace with the trend. Modern harvesters, which are capable of processing up to 100 trees an hour, are a particular challenge. gradable BIOGUARD PROFESSIONAL is formulated on the basis of renewable materials using special additives. Among other things, these modify the adhesive characteristics of the lubricant without affecting its flow characteristics. ROUNDING THE CORNER AT 100 KPH Strong centrifugal forces and extreme pressure in the cutting zone of the blade are characteristic of the lubrication challenges faced by chainsaw oil in harvester equipment. To keep the chain, which whirs around the blade at speeds of up to 100 kph (27 m/s), from flinging away the lubricant at the tip of the blade, MOTOREX has incorporated the latest findings on fluid dynamics in the lubrication channel in the new BIOGUARD PRO- FESSIONAL formula. OECD 301 B (minimum degradation > 60 % over 28 days) – compliant readily biode- The benefits are compelling: Optimum protection against wear Readily biodegradable according to OECD 301 B Economical thanks to good adhesion Sophisticated anti-corrosive properties Good low-temperature behavior No gumming and prevents deposits Your MOTOREX representative will be glad to provide further information. • MOTOREX MAGAZINE 121 I SEPTEMBER 2021 17



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