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RELEASE AGENT DOES NOT LEAVE TRACES BIODEGRADABLE EASY TO WORK WITH GOOD AIR-BLEED PROPERTIES DOES NOT EMIT FUMES The release agent's excellent separation and venting properties result in a perfectly molded block. CONCRETE BLOCKS DEFTLY SEPARATED Weighing 500 to 1300 kilos each, Haslinger CBLOCK GmbH prefab concrete blocks are used as versatile separators for soil and bulk materials. In manufacturing these concrete masonry blocks, the Austrian company relies on readily biodegradable MOTOREX CONFORM 5450 BIO release agent. SCHLÜSSELBERG Vienna Salzburg Graz Conventional methods for building retaining walls, garden walls, slope stabilization structures, and embankments can be arduous and costly. Haslinger CBLOCK GmbH proves it can be done more simply, rationally – and even beautifully. A SOPHISTICATED CONCEPT Depending on the static specifications, in most cases not even a concrete foundation is needed. The concrete blocks are laid out “dry” and can also be removed if necessary. They can be moved quickly and easily with any piece of lifting gear such as an excavator, crane, etc. The company’s range of concrete masonry blocks comprises standardized sizes in series A (40 × 40 × 40 to 160 × 40 × 40 cm) and series B (60 × 60 × 60 to 150 × 60 × 60 cm). Haslinger also offers blocks in its own series C design under the name CBLOCK (60 × 60 × 50 to 120 × 60 × 50 cm). Their conical shape makes them perfect for round masonry structures. Because the company develops and manufactures its own blocks, special customer requests such as a wide variety of surface structures, lettering such as names, logos, and colors can be produced in-house. 14

Proper composition of the concrete and skillful vibration are important factors in the ultimate surface quality of the elements. High effectiveness and avoidance of VOC-bearing solvents pays off from both a business and an environmental perspective. All CBLOCK concrete masonry blocks are sustainably produced and have a wide range of uses in direct contact with soil. “The release agent can be used for all of our formwork types – metal, plastic, and wood – as well as for products combined with weathered corten steel. Absence of VOCs and ready biodegradability in conformity with OECD 301 B are key factors, since our products are installed directly into the natural environment.” Petra Reitinger (management) and Dietmar Berndorfer (production) CONFORM 5450 BIO: A COMPELLING SOLUTION Whether for standard blocks, corner blocks, or end blocks in a wide range of sizes, head of production Dietmar Berndorfer’s many years of experience have taught him the importance of release agent characteristics for masonry block quality. With the innovative MOTOREX CONFORM 5450 BIO release agent, Berndorfer puts sustainability in production into practice. 100 BLOCKS A DAY Since 2016 Haslinger CBLOCK has produced an average of 100 blocks per workday out of premium concrete. The material is purchased from a neighboring company and delivered to production in the company’s own mixer truck. Before the concrete is poured into the waiting forms, a fine film of CONFORM 5450 BIO is sprayed into it. When needed, polyurethane molds for surface structures are installed. CONFORM 5450 BIO is safely compatible with plastics, rubber, polyurethane, and similar materials. After the elements are filled, vibrated, smoothed, and dried overnight, they are released from the forms the next day. Throughout the process, these concrete blocks never cease to fascinate. • MOTOREX MAGAZINE 121 I SEPTEMBER 2021 15



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