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CONSTRUCTION © Photos: public domain, Niederndorfer By processing raw materials on-site, the water-conserving Ampflwang gravel plant reduces CO 2 emissions by an estimated 132 tonnes per year. INNOVATIVE GRAVEL PROCESSING In its newest gravel plant at Ampflwang (Austria), Niederndorfer – a family business founded in 1903 – is using the latest technology to develop, extract, and process sand and gravel. MOTOREX’s extremely resilient and energy-efficient lubricants make a quantifiable contribution to sustainability. AMPFLWANG Vienna Salzburg Innsbruck Graz The soil mechanics presented a special challenge in building the gravel plant, located atop a former coal mine. Process water for the plant is obtained from a spring in a onetime mine gallery. Since the water from the gallery is not suitable for human consumption, the gravel plant also helps protect the regional potable water supply. By implementing innovative technologies, the company has built a foundation for sustainable and economical operation for the next 40 years. EVERYTHING RIGHT AT HAND The Ampflwang gravel plant’s sophisticated approach to logistics is immediately apparent. Extraction and product processing are carefully coordinated with loading and transport. Efficiency is improved and emissions reduced by avoiding unnecessary movement of materials during processing. Each year up to 200,000 tonnes of raw material is extracted at the 16-hectare Ampflwang site to produce CE-certified sand, pea gravel, and antifreeze gravel. 12

Modern equipment such as a wheel loader with built-in weighing system is part of the efficient gravel mining operation at Ampflwang. EVERY DROP COUNTS In addition to two gravel plants, the Niederndorfer corporate group also operates an asphalt plant and three ready-mix concrete plants. The conglomerate also includes a construction company specializing in utilities, roads, and buildings as well as a construction equipment leasing agency and real estate holdings. The group’s truck and equipment fleet is considerable. With the introduction of MOTOREX FOCUS QTM SAE 10W/30 fleet motor oil, Niederndorfer has not only streamlined maintenance processes but is also saving fuel. This has been possible thanks to the combination of FOCUS QTM’s low yet still highly stable SAE 10W/30 viscosity and its modern additives. machines just one of many lubrication challenges at the gravel plant. MOTOREX GREASE 3000 and GREASE 195 technical greases guarantee that every lubrication point is treated. Regular application at lubrication points, whether in a concrete pump or in a complex process water treatment plant, is a must for low- wear and, above all, reliable operation. As the Niederndorfer Group’s slogan has it, “Quality comes first.” • HEAVY-DUTY IS THE STANDARD Dust and exposure to the elements make lubrication of bearings in rotor and vertical crushers and screening MOTOREX MAGAZINE 121 I SEPTEMBER 2021 13



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