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MOTOREX Magazine 2021 120 EN

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MOTOR OIL « With FOCUS QTM from MOTOREX we've significantly simplified maintenance for the entire equipment and truck fleet, both in the shop and on construction sites. Luis Pinto shop manager, Orllati SA, Bioley-Orjulaz, Switzerland » A MULTITALENTED WINNER: MOTOREX FOCUS QTM Innovative MOTOREX FOCUS QTM SAE 10W/30 motor oil simplifies the complex and laborious maintenance process for mixed fleets of trucks and construction machinery. With a broad range of applications, the oil meets a large number of manufacturers' specifications, combining efficiency with economy. « FOCUS QTM SAE 10W/30 covers our vehicle fleet perfectly. With just one motor oil we also save time and space in our routine shop operations. » Markus Odebrink shop manager, Lastvagnsteknik i Borås AB, Sweden Shop pros know the complex requirements of lubricant management for mixed vehicle fleets. Thanks to MOTO REX FOCUS QTM SAE 10W/30, current engines (TIER 3 and 4, Stage V and EURO 5 and 6) in all manually operated small machines, construction equipment (up to Stage V engines) and utility vehicles (up to EURO 6) can be maintained with just a single motor oil. SIMPLER MEANS MORE ECONOMICAL Using MOTOREX FOCUS QTM in a mixed fleet eliminates the hassle of searching for the ideal lubricant. Offering good value for money, fuel savings, and simplified maintenance, MOTOREX FOCUS QTM has paid off for economy-minded organizations for years. A MULTITALENTED FUEL SAVER The high-lubricity properties of FOCUS QTM's SAE 10W/30 formula lower fuel consumption, and with it emissions volumes, by up to 3%. Using a thin SAE 10W/30 viscosity in combination with additive packets developed according to the latest findings with low-SAPS technology makes FOCUS QTM a multitalented choice for the construction industry. For years now both Swiss and international construction and logistics companies have turned to FOCUS QTM. • « As an independent shop for trucks and construction and farming equipment, we appreciate how many manufacturer's approvals specifications FOCUS QTM meets. That gives us and our customers a sense of security and simplifies inventories. Gernot Thiel and Stefan Bliem shop manager and CEO, Reparaturcenter im Lungau, St. Michael im Lungau, Austria » « We have a very large and very diverse vehicle fleet. With FOCUS QTM SAE 10W/30 we can properly cover a wide range of standards from all brands. The fleet oil lives up to its name. Tom Meier maintenance depot manager, Marti AG, Bern, Switzerland » UNIVERSAL FOR ON- AND OFF-ROAD HEAVY DUTY APPLICATIONS SIMPLIFIES MAINTENANCE AND LOGISTICS OUTSTANDING PROTECTION AGAINST WEAR AND OXIDATION FUEL ECONOMY FORMULA SAVES FUEL AND CUTS CO 2 EMISSIONS LONG-LIFE PROPERTIES EXTEND TIME BETWEEN OIL CHANGES COMPATIBLE WITH TIER 3 THROUGH 4 FINAL AND STAGE V SUITABLE FOR EURO 5 AND EURO 6 ENGINES MEETS REQUIREMENTS FOR SMALL MOTORIZED DEVICES GENTLE ON ALL EXHAUST GAS TREATMENT SYSTEMS SUCH AS PARTICULATE FILTERS MEETS CURRENT SPECIFICATIONS OF LEADING CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT AND UTILITY VEHICLE MANUFACTURERS Information/ specifications 6 MOTOREX MAGAZINE 120 I MAY 2021 7



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