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MOTOREX IN THE NEWS RECYCLED PET CONTAINERS IDEAL FOR YOUR SHOP RESEALABLE DISPENSER INCLUDED OPTIMUM RESIDUE DRAINING NOW AVAILABLE IN 5-L REPET CONTAINERS: MOTOREX ADBLUE ® ADBLUE ® with SCR technology reduces harmful nitrogen oxides in diesel vehicle exhaust gases. The high-purity 32.5 % urea solution is now available in a practical recycled PET container. The 5-liter RePET canister is made of material from the recycling stream and has an excellent sustainability profile. The innovative packaging solution complements the existing MOTOREX ADBLUE ® range. Designed to meet needs flexibly, the product is available in K3 format (3 × 5 liters per box). Your MOTOREX representative will be glad to provide more information. WATER-BASED: UNICID AQUA DISINFECTANT SUPERIOR VISCOSITY BEHAVIOR LOW POUR POINT COMPATIBLE WITH PLASTICS AND SEALANTS LOW FOAM HYDRAULIC MULTITASKING WITH MOTOREX AHF 22 M MOTOREX AHF 22 M synthetic hydraulic fluid was developed especially for the stringent technical requirements and wide range of uses in automotive applications. It is superbly suited for use in power steering systems, level regulation systems, shock absorbers, hydraulic clutches and transmissions such as DSGs, electro- hydraulic roof systems, and much more. The hydraulic fluid is ideal for use in combination with electronic components. With its extremely high viscosity index, above 300, systems are guaranteed to function flawlessly even in extreme cold or heat. The Active Hydraulic Fluid (AHF) also offers outstanding protection against wear, aging, and corrosion. MOTOREX AHF 22 M meets a large number of requirements/classifications, making it exceptionally versatile. The multitalented vehicle hydraulic fluid will be available starting in the summer of 2021 in one-liter containers. EFFECTIVELY DISINFECTS NO MARKING ALCOHOL-FREE = NON-FLAMMABLE GENTLE ON SKIN AND SURFACES MOTOREX UNICID AQUA is a water-based, non-combustible disinfectant. This disinfectant is effective against viruses, bacteria, spores and yeasts. It is pH-neutral, free of ethanol and VOCs and has no hazardous material classification. Because it contains no ethanol, MOTOREX UNICID AQUA is excellent not only for traditional disinfectant applications, but also for disinfecting sensitive surfaces (leather, plastics, etc.) as well as large surfaces in areas subject to fire safety regulations (such as vehicles, trains, and buildings). UNICID AQUA holds the major approvals (in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, and Sweden) and is the perfect addition to the MOTOREX CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS assortment of disinfectants and sanitation products. Available in 5-l canister, 500-ml pump bottle, and 500-ml spray sizes. INNOVATIVE HIGH-END MOTOR OILS Car manufacturers are building high tech into their performance models wherever you look. With downsizing, even low-displacement engines can generate hundreds of kilowatts of power. To help these masterpieces of engineering show their stuff on the road over the long haul, MOTOREX has developed two top-quality high-lubricity motor oils: MOTOREX CONCEPT E-XL is a full synthetic high-lubricity engine oil of the innovative SAE 0W/20 AMBITIOUS: TRIAL GEAR OIL SAE 75W Trial riders are true balance and climbing artists on two wheels. On their light, high-torque machines they push hard against physical limits in breathtaking competitions. In collaboration with Spanish trial motorcycle manufacturer GASGAS, MOTOREX has developed TRIAL GEAR OIL SAE 75W, a transmission fluid specially tailored for trials bikes. The full synthetic formula with innovative, friction-optimized additives gives an extremely sensitive clutch response along with outstanding lubricant reliability even under continuous loads. This makes MOTOREX TRIAL GEAR OIL SAE 75W the perfect choice for trials riders who demand the best. DEVELOPED WITH GASGAS © N. Martinez / GasGas Images viscosity class. It is ideal for ACEA C5 gasoline and diesel engines and meets the current API SP and ILSAC GF-6A standards. Full synthetic XPERIENCE FS-P SAE 0W/40 high- lubricity motor oil was specially developed by MOTOREX for sporty ACEA C3 gasoline engines. Both guarantee excellent protection against wear with improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions. They meet a wide range of specifications. PRECISE CLUTCH ENGAGEMENT EVEN UNDER CONTINUOUS LOADS FULL SYNTHETIC API GL-4 FORMULA LONG-LASTING CLUTCH AND GEAR LUBRICATION AND PROTECTION TOP-QUALITY HIGH- PERFORMANCE MOTOR OILS LOWER FUEL CONSUMPTION AND EMISSIONS MEET A WIDE RANGE OF SPECIFICATIONS FOR GASOLINE AND DIESEL ENGINES ALSO FOR CNG, LPG AND HYBRID VEHICLES 4 MOTOREX MAGAZINE 120 I MAY 2021 5



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