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PARTNER Hadrian Lubri

PARTNER Hadrian Lubri Care GmbH's customers hail from almost all sectors where hydraulic oils or lubricants are used. From the highest mountain railway to the deepest mine and everything in between, including municipalities, every sector of industry, construction and forestry companies, agricultural equipment, shops and service providers. Hadrian Lubri Care GmbH, Passau. Left to right: Monika Hadrian (administration), Gerhard Hadrian (owner), and Gabriela Hadrian (marketing/sales). OIL DISTRIBUTOR G. HADRIAN, PASSAU (GERMANY): “MOTOREX HAS THAT CERTAIN SOMETHING EXTRA” For over 25 years MOTOREX has offered a broad range of top-quality hydraulic fluids. From a channel partner's perspective, the innovative, readily biodegradable MOTOREX ECOSYNT fluids are especially attractive, combining many advantages with a strong commitment to sustainability for people, equipment, and the environment. MOTOREX Magazine spoke with Gerhard Hadrian, distributor for Bavaria, Germany to learn how his customers benefit from the green power of MOTOREX ECOSYNT hydraulic fluids. From an economic perspective, does it pay to use an ECOSYNT HEES product? If you take the environmental factor into account, along with other advantages like ECOSYNT HEES's long-lasting stability, I'd say the answer to your question is yes. You also offer equipment for maintenance to extend the service life of hydraulic fluids. How does that work? The customer can achieve a significantly longer service life while protecting the machinery by following the full strategy, i.e. by using our quality lubricants coupled with fine filtration technology. Fine filtration of oil can remove water and dirt down to 1 µm in size under normal operating conditions. The result is significantly lower wear and fewer potential malfunctions and equipment failures. Are services like laboratory analysis and consultation from MOTOREX's technical service important to you and your customers? They're extremely important. What they accomplish is, first of all, that you're no longer just changing oil by the clock, but according to its chemical state. At the same time you also get information on the condition of the machine in terms of wear. The information value of a plain oil change is equal to zero. If a customer wants, can they also have their machine filled with a MOTOREX hydraulic oil by you at the OEM? This is possible for very many OEMs. A lot of them have authorized our products. As a rule, the manufacturers dictate the specifications and standards, which MOTOREX then complies with in its product range. Why should a distributor work with MOTOREX? I've been in the oil and equipment business for a very long time, and I have to say that I love the integrity, the technical know-how and the expertise I see when working with MOTOREX. MOTOREX has that certain something extra. Thank you very much for this interesting interview. • Köln Hamburg Berlin PASSAU München Mr. Hadrian, can you tell us a little about your business model? For 27 years we've specialized in distribution of biodegradable oils and lubricants and related services (oil changes). Pairing these oils with fine filtration technology brings distinct ecological and economic benefits for the customer. Together, the combination of MOTOREX fluids with Ecofil Feinfiltertechnik products has a unique appeal. Since the start of this year you've distributed MOTOREX hydraulic fluids exclusively in Bavaria, Germany. MOTOREX has a very good image as a quality supplier. With a broad range of hydraulic oils, we can meet the particular needs of each of our customers, whether it's the more popular mineral hydraulic oils or premium products like ECOSYNT HEES BE made partially with renewable raw materials. There's also demand for the new ECOSYNT HEPR, based on mineral PAOs (polyalphaolefines). Having a strategy and applying fine filtration of hydraulic oils on-site can have a positive impact on fluid service life. Lab analysis can tell you whether it's safe to keep using a fluid or if it's time for maintenance or an oil change. 18 MOTOREX MAGAZINE 120 I MAY 2021 19



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