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NEW NAME SAME QUALITY ECOSYNT HYDRAULIC FLUIDS POWER IN GREEN For over 25 years MOTOREX has offered a compelling range of high-quality, readily biodegradable hydraulic fluids. Through continual improvement and increasing international sales successes, these products – formerly marketed under the name Oekosynt – have evolved to become the current MOTOREX Ecosynt line. The line consists of four application-specific hydraulic oils. Product benefits such as simplified switching from standard hydraulic oils to the new Ecosynt HEPR or up to five times longer service life with Ecosynt HEES are results that make Ecosynt hydraulic fluids from MOTOREX a powerful alternative. Using readily biodegradable hydraulic fluids can significantly reduce negative environmental impacts in case of leakage. Especially in mobile applications (construction, forestry, farming, alpine operations etc.), losing fluid from a detached hose or similar incident is no rare occurrence. Given their extremely diverse range of uses, the biodegradability characteristics of hydraulic fluids are precisely standardized by regulations such as DIN 51 524 Hydraulic Fluids, DIN ISO 15 380 Environmentally Acceptable Hydraulic Fluids and OECD 301 (A through F) for biodegradability. 8

HYDRAULICS READILY BIODEGRADABLE Biological decomposition takes place with the aid of bacteria, heat, and oxygen. In the first stage, fragments of the original material are produced. These can remain hazardous to the environment and must be further broken down into water, carbon dioxide, and biomass in the second stage. The natural end products are neutral with respect to the environment. Unlike CEC-L-33-A-93 and CEC-L-103-12, the OECD test analyzes the complete decomposition of lubricants into harmless basic molecules. The test process includes a special check for impacts to water (aquatic toxicity). All MOTOREX Ecosynt hydraulic oils meet or exceed the minimum requirements of OECD 301 B: they biodegrade completely and rapidly. OVERVIEW OF BIODEGRADABILITY METHODS/STANDARDS/ENVIRON- MENTAL SYMBOL European EcoLabel ( EEL ) ( RM * > 50 % ) Blue Angel (BE) RAL UZ 178 ** Standard: ISO 15380 OECD 301 B > 60 %*** CEC-L-103-12 CEC-L-33-A-93 Standard: ISO 6743-4 ≥ 80 %*** MEETS PRIMARY DEGRADATION MEETS FURTHER ENVIRON- MENTAL REQUIREMENTS = obsolete standard = no information regarding biodegradability * RM = renewable material inputs, ** As of June 2015, ***min. decomposition after 28 days DIN = Deutsche Industrie Norm (German Industrial Standard) CEC = Coordinating European Council OECD = Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development INFORMATIVE TESTS Findings from research and from real-world experience provide important parameters when developing new products and improving existing ones. A hydraulic fluid not only transmits hydraulic forces, it also lubricates and cools engines operating at pressures of over 400 bar at the same time. Periodic checking of MOTOREX Ecosynt hydraulic fluids using standardized tests consistently shows that they far exceed the minimum requirements. Below: results of recent testing of MOTOREX Ecosynt HEES (Hydraulic oil Environmental Ester Synthetic/synthetic, saturated, and unsaturated esters). OXIDATION STABILITY TEST according to ASTM D943 TAN (TOTAL ACID NUMBER) Minimum MOTOREX Ecosynt HEES (extended service life) MECHANICAL VICKERS PUMP TEST according to DIN 51 386-2 (250 h) TAN CEILING TAN AT START The superior technical performance of the high-quality MOTOREX Ecosynt HEES 46 is demonstrated by the TOST (Turbine Oil Oxidation Test/dry). WEIGHT LOSS Standard : Maximum wear limit MOTOREX Ecosynt HEES Standard : Maximum wear limit MOTOREX Ecosynt HEES RING VANE In the Vickers pump test over 250 hours, MOTOREX Ecosynt HEES 46 outperforms the maximum wear tolerance values. LOAD BEARING CAPACITY TEST according to DIN ISO 14635-1 © Strama-MPS, Straubing/D LOAD LEVEL Standard requirement MOTOREX Ecosynt HEES FZG gear tension test: Gears are operated in an oil bath and tested for wear and tear under standardized load conditions. In the FZG gear tension test, MOTOREX Ecosynt HEES 46 exceeds the required standard equivalent to the load bearing capacity of a good transmission fluid! MOTOREX MAGAZINE 119 I JANUARY 2021 9



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