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WHAT’S NEW MOTOREX CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS SYSTEMATIC ALL- AROUND PROTECTION Consistently observing safety precautions is a key success factor in fighting the coronavirus pandemic. MOTOREX is doing its part by expanding its range of protective and sanitary products. These currently include disinfectants as well as the “Touch Free” contactless fluid dispenser. 6

“ TOUCH FREE” -DISPENSER The “Touch Free” sensor-controlled disinfectant, fluid, and gel dispenser is an essential tool in effectively combating coronavirus. By dispensing a precise quantity without the need for physical touch, the device prevents contact infection, or the spread of pathogens through a chain of contacts. Easy refilling with a capacity of 1.2 liters. Suitable for wall mounting or other installation options via accessories such as a table base or pedestal. Setup in minutes. Battery-powered; no need to plug into a wall socket. As a specialist in the development and production of chemical engineering products, MOTOREX has been producing disinfectants for over ten years. Our hand disinfectant (Desicid) and surface disinfectant (Planicid) have proven useful since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and are winning new customers every day. So far over half a million liters have been produced and delivered. The disinfectants have official approval from public health authorities in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, and Sweden. • MOTOREX DESICID Since many pathogens are spread by the hands, hand hygiene is an especially important factor in preventing infection. MOTOREX Desicid hand disinfectant breaks the infection chain. PEG-7-glyceryl is not only exceptionally gentle on the skin, it also has a pleasant scent of apples. Compatible with the “Touch Free” dispenser. 5 l, 1 l, 100 ml MOTOREX PLANICID Professional surface disinfecting is essential for slowing the spread of germs (bacteria and viruses) on everyday objects such as door handles, banisters, stanchions, counters, desks, etc. MOTOREX Planicid is a highly effective surface disinfectant and streakfree cleaner. Free of artificial colors and scents. 5 l, 1 l, 500 ml pump atomizer KIWI LIQUID SOAP A skin-neutral pH value and the BioLipide® oil replenishment system make this mild, softly kiwi-scented liquid soap gentle on the skin and nurturing for the hands. Compatible with the “Touch Free” dispenser. 5 l For more information just contact your MOTOREX representative or visit MOTOREX MAGAZINE 119 I JANUARY 2021 7



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